Wednesday, September 18, 2013

LP Tim Somdej Yant Har 2517/18 - 1st placing, 2nd and 3rd Placing Certs

My second piece of Somdej Yant Har in excellent champion condition. It won 3x in different competitions including one organized by Samakorm.

This piece need no introduction as I have shared few days ago the piece that I have been wearing all along.

Made by LP Tim of Wat lahanrai, Rayong province. It was released together with the much acclaimed Khum phen plai kuman (KPPK). and in fact this somdej was mixed with Phong plai kuman as well together with the sacred buddhakom powder made by Pu Tim himself. That explained why somdej Yant har and Yant sam 2517/18 is much more expensive than other earlier batch somdej by LP Tim as well. Thus I always advise people to try out somdej yant har/yant sam or loob om before investing in an expensive KPPK. A pim lek, white powder KPPK block 2 costs 120k thb easily now.

I have a fellow collector friend that practises Tibetan Buddhism and meditation for years and he told me that LP Tim amulets is very very powerful. He can feel it when he holds the amulet in his hand. It is second to LP Tim (Wat Changhai) 2505 Taulit. And this collector friend of mine has a vast collection of Somdej/amulets from LP Doem, LP Suk, LP Daeng, LP Nak and of course Pu Tim as well.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Somdej LP Daeng 2513 -red

A gift from my Thai.. friend. Somdej by LP Daeng, Wat Khao ban dai-it. Red colour is what I have posted. There is also a yellow color one given. So nice of him though this is the normal pim:)
LP daeng is a top monk in 250x. Refer to his biodata for details. And I did wrote about this somdej before. Year: 2513.
It was chanted for few years before launch n somdej was transferred to a few temples/masters (including chao kun nor) before finally consecrated at wat khao ban dai-it. Thus this batch is so highly sought after. N material used to make this batch of somdej is also top notch.
Somdej of LP Daeng, Wat Khao Bandai-it, Petchburi Province,B.E.2513/2514. Materials comprised:

1. Ground broken amulets of Somedej Wat Rakang, Somdej BangKhunPhrom. Wat Sampluen Amulets, Wat Indraviharn, Wat Ngern Klongtoey, LP Prink amulets
2. Holy soil from 4 important Buddhistic places in India,
3. The great 5 holy powder of Itthaje Powder, Maharaj Powder, Tri Nisinghae powder, Padhamang Powder, Budhakhun Powder
4. Bronze dust of casting Buddha from many important temples: Wat Palaelai Suphanburi, Wat Dhevasangkharam Kanchanaburi, Wat Bovornniwej Bangkok, Wat Makutkasart, Wat Phra Singh Chiang Mai, Wat Bodhi. Wat Rajbopit, etc
5. Holy soil from 9 good name areas : Chai Nat, Chaiyaphum, Chaibadal, Phichai, Denchai, Mahachai, Chaiya, Nakonchaisri, Hariphuchai. ( Chai = Victory)
6. Holy water & holy candle wax from 109 temples
It is widely believed that no wearer will encounter any accident as long as he/she is wearing this somdej.
No wonder nick name of LP Daeng as bullet proof monk is so popular among devotees then..:)
Btw, daeng means red in Thai. So red colour is the color of LP Daeng. ;)

Lp Tim somdej Yant Sam-4th Placing

Sharing this piece of somdej yant sam by LP Tim, wat lahanrai.

Somdej by lp tim is a good replacement to the expensive khum phen as it is mixed with phong plai kuman as well. I wore it for few years now n I can vouch for its efficacy. Everything is so smooth n it is by far the best period of my career advancement when I wear it.

Brought it for competition last sun (9/8). 4th Placing. Major competition.

Lp Tim somdej yant har, 4th placing

Rushing to share this nice piece of lp tim somdej yant har, wat lahanrai. 4th placing in last sunday competition. 9/8. Major competition. Heehee.freah from oven...
After a long wait, finally have chance to send this for verification n competition.
Got dealer offer straight after result revealed. I thought lp tim amulets craze is over? it seems still very hot now..
I got this 4 years ago n price is at least 4x of price 4 years ago..ha..

Lp thuat, wat prasat, 2506, pim tor-3rd placing

Last piece of lp thuat prasat 2506 I had. 

This is pim tor n if u observe carefully, the material is very much like the 2497 wat chang hai lp thuat. Especially the black colour portion.

Look at the fore head. The material composition is just like another 2497.
Was attracted by the material n rented out some time ago. Furthermore, pim tor is not as common as the usual pim yai black lp thuat from same batch. Even this batch, prices has gone up to more than10000 thb

Lp thuat wat prasart 2506 nur lang meng-1st, 3rd, 4th Placing

Sharing a piece of wat prasart lp thuat nur lang meng that is very rare nowadays. It is brownich in colour n not to confuse with nur khao (white grayish, or white yellowish). The powder is dry with sediment of pidnathang.

This piece is second to nur khao in terms of pricing (assuming similar condition) n equally rare to find. If its condition is better, it might fetch the same price as my nur khao..

For those that know me, I have a soft spot for wat prasart 2506  amulets due to the scale of consecration it had, material used in this batch n masters attended the of the era..

Spent a long time to find one n this piece has 1st placing cert in recent competition. 3rd n 4th placing certs last year. Total 3 certs.

With this, I have almost full range of prasart lp thuat. Haha..