Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ajarn nong 2514 silver takrut narai phang rope

Ajarn nong silver takrut narai phang rope. 2514.

This one is very hard to find. Especially the silver one. N old batch Now is rarely seen in the Market.

I have written about the story of ajarn nong n why this takrut is so unique. So, I won't repeat it here again.

Will send it for competition soon. Haha

2509 somdej bang khum prom Pim ok krut

Very nice piece of somdej bang khum prom 2509. Mixed with high amount of old bkp powder. Yellowish powder with slight green patches. Natural crack line..

This is Pim ok krut. Big chest mold.

This is my second piece of 09. :)

Ajarn nong kring narai 2542

Dream piece...ha. thanks a good fren for sharing this with me. I want 2541 now if there is..

Lp toh wat praduchimplee Pim yai roop meun

Sharing this piece from lp toh wat praduchimplee roop meun.  Nur kesorn.  Lp toh is recent era Pidta king. So no need much introduction.

This piece rarely come across at this superb condition. Can see fine details of face features. The powder n texture is unique n pretty. Velvety n smooth. A very attractive piece that I got attracted at first sight. I rarely collect l.p. toh amulets btw.

This comes with 1st placing cert from mid scale competition.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

2506 Wat prasart lp thuat Nur khao (1x champion, 1x 4th)

My favourite piece of lp thuat. Mass chanted in different temple for 3 years. Lastly issue under wat prasart. Refer to other posting for details of wat prasart amulets.

This piece shown is in immaculate condition with thumb print behind. 100% mixed with ol

Close up photos of amulets winning at 20 April 2557 samakorm competition

Listed below some close up photos of amulets submitted for recent samakorm competition with placing. 20 April 2557.

1. 2542 phra kring narai, mix with high amount of takrut narai,  silver n gold. Made 699. Super Rare. - 3rd placing

2. 2505 Lp thuat wat changhai pim naikhum kamakarn mold. Nur wahn. This is will batch of ajarn tim. 2x champion in major competition.

3. 2524 Pim phra rod lp thuat,  nur wahn. Big head mold. 2x champion.

4. Lp phoo, 245x somdej pim than khoo kleng khlom, Wat Inn, nur phong- 1x champion (previously) n 1x 4th placing.

The other piece is 2514 ajarn nong which I already shared in previous post.

Enjoy!  Think will not be going for any competition for the time being.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Lp Thuat 2514 ajarn Nong wat sai khao (4th placing)

This is the first batch Lp thuat Nur wahn made by Ajarn Nong.  2514. One of the highly sought amulet produced by Ajarn Nong.

The origin of this based on record is that Lp thuat appear in Ajarn nong requested him to make 1 batch with 2497 wahn. N pim from wat changhai. Use that to raise money to build schools n temple hall.

So, this batch was created in 2514. Lp thuat attended the consecration ceremony too as many devotees saw lp thuat shadow on the hall wall.

I have been looking around for this lpt n it is hard to find one at good condition n hand mould n at reasonable price. Collectors usually dun let go. So pretty rare in the market.

Two things must collect for Ajarn nong stuff. This 2514 nur wahn lpt with takrut or the takrut narai pang rope which is highly recommended. Story of narai phang rop,  already described in previous post.

And why I think this is a highly collectable item?
1. Big consecration invited many monks from southern Thailand

2. Mixed with highest content of 2497 wahn. This can be observed from the aging process amulets n materials formed on surface.

3. Lp thuat attended the ceremony himself. It has proven efficacy with lots of miracles recorded.

4. Price is much lower than real 2497 lpt from wat changhai. .

5. It has embedded famous Ajarn nong takrut.

On top of that, this piece comes with 4th placing cert at 20 April 2557 pantip sorng samakorm competition. So, what do you think...