Monday, May 16, 2016

Sai Pradoo (School of Pradoo) - LP Glan, Ajarn Heng, LP Sie, LP Doo

Sai Pradoo is well known for wicha Saiyasart for a long time. Originate from pre-war master LP Glan (Wat Phayat, Ayuthya). LP Glan used to win over other master guru in meditation and concentration competition which made him well known and last time any monk that were keen to learn Wicha saiyasart would have to go to Sai Pradoo.

Many people know about Wat sakae due to its phra phrom. But not many know that Wat Sakae has the lineage from Sai pradoo. Wat Sakae is known in thailand for its Phrom. A top famous master for this is Ajarn Heng, a senior disciple of LP Glan, Wat phayat, Ayuthya.

In 2480s, Ajarn Heng designed the first 3-dimensioned , 4 faced buddha on a 2 dimensional platform. And it is an instant hit with many guru monk today still following this design.

LP Sie and Ajarn Heng had the same master, which was LP Glan. Both learned Wicha under this great guru. LP Sie was junior to Ajarn Heng and later on learned the making of 4-face buddha under Ajarn Heng. In fact, most of Ajarn Heng's phrom which cost > 500k THB now was jarned by LP Sie. And LP Sie was in most ceremony helping out with the making and consecration ceremony. After Ajarn Heng passed away in 2503, LP Sie took over and produced phrom in similar design and also other design currently famous. Refer to my other post on LP Sie's phrom.

LP Doo of Wat Sakae is another master monk of Phra Phrom. He used to be a wicha saiyasart practitioner before fully into Dhamma and meditation. Master is well-known for phrom making using olden days Ajarn heng method and also pert loke which many claims to be effective as he is one of the the rare one that can communicate with LP Thuat directly.

LP Glan, Wat Phayat

Some Katha Collection

Don't know is psychological effect or what, i have been chanting the rich katha and katha jakapart for many years now. and it seems to help me a lot. I wish i can memorise the chinabanchorn especially now that i am wearing Somdej Wat ket. but till now, it is still too much for me...

Some katha collection for your reference :) Do share with me what do you chant daily.

Phra Wat Koh Zhan

Sharing 2 pieces of Phra Wat Koh Zhan. This was described in earlier post before. These two pieces were the best condition so far that i came across for the past 10 years. It is rare to have such good condition pieces.

Phra Wat koh zhan is famous for calming one's mind. Show you the way and helping one to clear his mind for better decision making. In fact, Wat paknum has similar effect too according to fellow collector that wears wat paknum.

I have friend that wear Wat koh Zhan and told me the same thing. Great for metta, calming once mind and ask for direction  in life.


Putho Noi Pim Lek by Mae Chee Boon Reun Wat Awut

Mae Chee Boon Reun most famous amulet, putho noi. Pim lek Kan Hark Sok. Nice feature and 7/10 condition. Made in 2494, with special holy powder mixed with powder puthakum from LP Sodh of Wat paknum. Mae Chee Boon Reun once learn buddhism, meditation and wicha from LP Sodh before. Her amulet is well known for turning wishes into reality. This has been proven by many even in Pantip among the dealer. Many are wearing it despite having other type of amulets worth million.

2535 LP Thuat mahasitichok Na Kamakarn by Ajarn Nong (With X-ray film)

2535 Ajarn Nong LP Thuat mahasitichok. Na kamakarn. Almost same grade as Na yai. Closely see, the face one is rounder and one is more pointed and lean. But both are highly sought after by Ajarn Nong fan and lp thuat lover.

Ajarn Nong First batch LP Thuat 2514 Wat Sai kao

Sharing a hand mold phi nai khum of LP Thuat 2514. Nur Wahn. Pim kamakarn, Paek kwang (Wide body). Bottom inserted with takrut. 8/10 condition. Consider very good and confirm can get certificate in competition. Standard piece, standard material. Easy to authenticate.  Doo Ngai ngai. Such condition piece is hard to come by.. haha!

2514 has been my favourite piece for a long time for Ajarn Nong lp thuat other then 2535 batch.

LP Thuat Ajarn Nong Mahasitichok Pim kamakarn (Made only 200)

Most expensive pim and most sought after lp thuat mahasitichok made by Ajarn Nong of Wat Sai Kao. Made only 200. Super rare and hard to find nowadays. Excluding those broken pieces, probably left 100+ pieces in the market.

Mahasitichok 2535 batch needless to introduce. This batch is highly recommended cause limited made and lots of testimonials on luck.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

LP Suk Wat Makham Tao Famous Amulets and Katha

Top Class Amulets of LP Suk:

1. Lp Suk Copper Rein 2466  (Top 5 Rein in Thailand)

2. Rectangle shape somdej Kang Rasami. 3 type of metal (Copper, Brass and lead) (Top 5 Rein Lor in Thailand)
3. Rectangle shape Somdej , lead, Pra pah monton
4. Rectangle shape Somdej, Closed cut mold, Brass
5. Phra Naprok bai makarm. Bronze or copper (Top 5 Naprok Bai makarm in Thailand)
6. Phra pidta, big stomach old, powder
7. Phra pidta, kaeng kid, lead material.

LP Suk Katha

Namo Tassa (3x)
Iti Arahang Sugato Gesaro Nammate
Prasiddhime Ihi Aho Namo Buddhaya

Top 5 Rein Lor Benjapakee - Somdej Rasami LP Suk Wat Makhamtao (2 Certs)

LP Suk of Wat makham Tao (1847 - 1934) was perhaps the greatest Wicha master of all time. Top 10 monks renowned for wicha. Many of LP Suk amulets are in benjapakee category in Thailand costing millions. 

He was famous for his power of transformation. Ability to perform magic and transform things into different form. For instance, from garbage become rabbit. The most famous legend was the one where he transformed the elephants belongs to some arrogant merchant into house flies and another where he transformed a man into a crocodile. The latter story was reported widely in Thailand and many witness saw the event. It is no wonder   LP Suk was widely known also as master monk of Chao Phraya River.

LP Suk has many famous disciple. One of which is the son of king Rama 5, prince Champion. The father of thai navy. Owning one piece of LP Suk amulets or takrut has been a dream of many collectors including myself of course :)

But its shy price has hindered many from collecting. A top pim of somdej as below cost above 1 million THB easily. 

Sharing below is one of my precious piece with 2 major samakorm competition certs. Enjoy!

2508 Ajarn Tim Roop Lor Wat Changhai

2508 LP Thuat Roop lor made by Ajarn Tim is fetching super pricing now. But the same batch Roop Lor of Ajarn Tim is much affordable. :)

Fortunate to get this piece some time ago. Good condition and equally effective of course.

Some Reading on Somdej Wat ket Chaiyoh Pim Jet Chan Kheng Morng

Sharing some marking and pim recognition for Somdej Wat Ket Jet Chan kheng morng Lek.

This is a standard piece and entry level pim for Wat Ket. One level above Pim Lay Trong.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

After so long not posting.....

Hello fellow follower...

Have been really busy with my work. With the help of my amulets and of course my own hard work, career has take on to the next level but life is getting busier and busier. I seldom have time to look at my amulets collection nowadays. and seldom have time to interact with amulets friends in SGP or Thai.

Nevertheless, i shall continue to post whenever i have time. hopefully when i settle down.

Till now, i have been wearing many amulets.In terms of career and metta, i found the following serving me well.Effect can be felt and everything is smooth as butter.
1. Somdej Yant har from LP Tim Wat Lahanrai
2. Somdej Wat Ket Chaiyoh from Somdej Toh
3. Somdej Pilant , Wat Rakhang (Though this is effective, but felt heavy heart and stressful)

For wealth fetching, some of my close friends should know i am investing heavily in overseas recently and need cash flow. I wear LP Moon Pidta Ruay Thun Zai 2543 (Wat Baan Jaan). The cheapest version with just ivory powder.

It is really effective. Matter solved within 3 months. I have seen rented out this and bought the most expensive version (Nur Lek Nam Phi).

That's all i want to share. This is my personal experience. I believe everyone should have a piece of their own that they can tell friend. Pls tell us yours in comments section :)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Luang Phu Thuat Tao Lit - Ajarn Tim

Many people asked me about the price differences of LP Thuat Tao lit made by Ajarn Tim of Wat Changhai. So, i decided to summarize it here for the majority readers to the best of my knowledge based on current market situation.

Ultimately there are other factors that influence the price. For example, material used to make. and of course the amulet condition. Price varies about 100k THB depending on amulet condition. For material, a mix metal Pim A can be about 300k THB above but a Pim A with nawa material can be 1M THB above.

Assuming, it is all mixed metal and it is similar condition, then the following sequence describes the prices from high to low.

1. Pim A
2. Pim B
3. Apache (very close or similar price with Pim B)
         - Kang Kaed (thick line from hand to leg)
         - Kang Tamada
4. Pim C
5. Pump Sam
         - Pump A (pump again with Pim A mold) wide body
         - Pump 2 shy
         - Pump A (pump again with Pim A mold) normal body
         - Pump Sam block Tek (literally means broken block with line from head to hand and line from hand to side)
         - Pump Sam Tamada

Price dropped after reached the peak last year for Tao lit. but still expensive pim and good condition pieces are still highly sought after world wide. So...if you have and want to sell, please contact me :)