Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Somdej Pilant Prok poh (Deep mold)

Sharing another piece of Somdej Prok Poh made by Somdej Pilant of Wat Rakhang about 243x. This is a piece with better condition and clearer face features as compared to my previous 2 pieces.

Clear frame and unrepair. No touch up. Doo Ngai. Condition about 6.5-7/10.

For one to experience Somdej pilant, this is considered an entry piece at very affordable price. A top condition piece of deep mold can go up to 100k THB. But, it is hard to get. Even those featured in Pilant book, condition is only about 7-8/10. Refer to pictures..

As for history of Pilant and why it is very collectable, I will not elaborate more as I have described it many times in previous posts. Both my friends who are wearing Pilant can vouch for the efficacy of the Somdej. :). Most notably, career progresses much faster than expected and stronger mind to withstand adversity.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

2502 bang khumprom somdej lp lampoo

Sharing some old pieces of unworn somdej lampoo pim yai 2502. Very nice piece at unrepair condition. Mixed with broken fragments of old somdej bkp pieces when pagoda was broken into in 2500.

Good pieces to keep or wear.

Showing here are special lot with red yant behind. Chanted much longer , kept until 2519 before release to public.

Busy month-oct

2 projects bidding, business travel , preparation of business plan plus office my side business 2 marketing dunno how to survive this month....busy busy busy....

Wat prasart pim phra kru moon somdej 2506

Sharing a wat prasart 2506 pim phra kru moon. This pim was made popular by phra kru moon of wat suthat. It looks similar but not to be mixed up with phra kru moon 2495 somdej.

It is in above average condition with face still seen. Mixed with huge amount of old wrk powder and went through large consecration  ceremony as described in my previous posts. At very affordable price still. What else do u expect...


Friday, October 3, 2014

2503 lp tae khunphen 2nd batch

Roon sorng lp tae khun phen wat sam ngan. Very popular after roon raek such a big hit establishing lp tae big name as ghost king.

For 2nd batch, mix with old powder of first batch n special soil collected from 7 graveyard that possess super energy. L.p. tae khunphen is top 5 in Thailand ranking side by side as kp bangkrang n lp tim kppk.

This piece few years back someone told me temple still available. Actually those are remake batch. Not made in 2503. N not chant by lp tae of course.

If u notice, yant behind got very many fine lines. These are some marking one has to take note when renting.

This piece is in superb condition featured in lp tae book.