Friday, October 3, 2014

2503 lp tae khunphen 2nd batch

Roon sorng lp tae khun phen wat sam ngan. Very popular after roon raek such a big hit establishing lp tae big name as ghost king.

For 2nd batch, mix with old powder of first batch n special soil collected from 7 graveyard that possess super energy. L.p. tae khunphen is top 5 in Thailand ranking side by side as kp bangkrang n lp tim kppk.

This piece few years back someone told me temple still available. Actually those are remake batch. Not made in 2503. N not chant by lp tae of course.

If u notice, yant behind got very many fine lines. These are some marking one has to take note when renting.

This piece is in superb condition featured in lp tae book.


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