Saturday, February 18, 2017

Phra Somdej Nur Phong Yant Vilas - LP Daeng (Wat Khao Ban Dai-it) - Yellow

Sharing a good piece of somdej very popular for danger/accident avoidance.

This was made by LP Daeng (widely known as the bullet-proof monk). His 2502 coin is highly priced and popular among collectors including Hong kong movie stars. Some people said that both Jacky Chan and Andy Lau were seen wearing this coin whenever performing special stunt. Can't verify that since i don't know them personally :).

For somdej, i would say this is good for both wearing and for just collection. The material used for the making is already worth every penny of it and much more. Back then, officer Phra Song Jerm Porm offered to LP Daeng to make this batch. He spent 20 years collect all the materials and mixed them. The ceremony was conducted in 250 temples and attended by over 5000 monks from 2489 - 2509 B.C. The process of pressing the mixed materials into molds was completed around 2511. LP Daeng then conducted the ceremony for another 3 years (2511-2513 B.C.)

Some of the materials used for the making of this somdej:

1. Ground broken amulets of Somdej wat rakhang, BKP, Wat In, LP Prink amulets.
2. Phong Kru Wat Ngern Klong Toey
3. Phong Kru Wat Sam Pluem
4. Phong Phra LP Thuat of Wat changhau, Pattani
5. Phong LP Tien, Wat Bod, Patthum Thani
6. Holy Soil (Nur din) from 4 important buddhist places in India (Buddha Birth, Enlightenment, Sermon and Death)
7. The great 5 holy powder of itijay powder, maharaj powder, budhakhom powder, Padhamong powder, Tri-Nisinghae powder.
8. Bronze dust of casting Buddha from many important temples: Wat Palelai, Wat Bovorn, Wat Makutkasart, Wat Bodhi, Wat Phra Singh etc
9. Holy Soil from 9 good name areas: Chai nat, Chai badal, Phichai, Denchai, Mahachai, Chaiya, Chaiyaphum, Hariphuchai, Nakhonchaisri (Chai : Victory)
10. Holy water and holy candle wax from 109 temples

So, with so much "Ho-liao" in it, what's more to ask? Amazingly, the price of this somdej is still very affordable after so many years. 

What shared below is normal phim, yellow color. Deep Yant, clear feature. Standard material. Easy to see. No cert though. Submitted to competition and accepted before. But condition not good enough to win in competition. But good enough for wearing. Got to be careful though. Lots of fake in the market.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

LP Pu Somdej Prices

Only 2 years, more than 40% of upside. What kind of investment better than amulets collection ??

Saw nice somdej Saeyid Kan hark Sok by LP Pu. The last i asked, it was 180k THB. Pretty good condition. Now, above average condition with cert all above 230k THB. So, buying and collecting amulet is better than buying share i think. Agree? Haha!

But still one must understand the mechanic of amulets world. Which amulet will have upside short term and which are increasing gradually for long term gain and which is just market hype. Not all will have that kind of upside. Some are the same price for the last 5 years. No change.

Prices determination:
- Popularity
- Demand
- Rarity
- Market
- Big players that collect it

Majority of the factors that decide price upside are the above. Sad to say not so much due to effectiveness of the amulets as many of the blessed amulets coupled with one good doing, and positive aura, will have good effect ultimately.

My 2 cents worth!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pidta Kradoop Phi Article

Article translation Source (In Thai) :

History of this pidta:
- Famous since Indo-China war time in 1937 which involved between Thailand & France
- Many legendary Archans made the amulets for the soldiers to safeguard from the danger
- After Indo-China war, it was world war two, those Archans produced the amulets.
- Thailand allied with Japan. As such, Japanese army settled down in many parts of Thailand which afterwards were attacked by bombs from air troops. This resulted in many civilian casualties.
- Many amulets were then made and given out to the soldiers, police officers, volunteers and civilians for self-protection and boost their morale.
- In 1942 , Archan Nu, wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon made this pidta from the bones.
- Archan Nu was not only a master in making and blessing the amulet but also in Thai traditional medicine. He cured the villagers or sometimes blessed them or gave them amulet.

How it is made:
- The method of making this Phra Pidta was rather usual from the normal practice. He used ashes of the dead and mixed other blessed items since he believed that these ashes were a kind of charm. However, a master needs to bless them to get rid of the evil from the dead.
- The ashes of the dead can be of any- need not be of those who died of unnatural death.  In that period, ashes can be found easily, from the casualties in the war.
- Archan Nu mixed plants- those found deep in the woods. Despite these unusual components Archan Nu used, the amulets he made are very effective. Whatever your wish is, it will be granted. You should make merits for the owner of the ashes afterwards.
- The miracle from the amulet was proven from many incidents. Thai soldiers were shot but came back from dead to fight on.

How people like it:
- This amulet is very famous in keeping the users safe. In term of luck, there is like someone who will tell you how to get lucky. However, if you already get enough fortune, do not be greedy and ask for more.
- Any users who would like to experience such luck or fortune, just need to keep this one amulet.

Other Details of Phra Pidta:
Nowadays, Phra Pidta made by Archan Nu found in the market is not authentic. The authentic version must be pressed with deep mold and shows marks of the old age. This piece is a highlight in the market- not too expensive, although not easy to be found.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

LP Thuat Wat Changhai 2524 Pim Phra Rod

Not much of intro needed for LP Thuat 2524. This is a known piece that has many miracles. bombing happen in Hatyai, bus explosion etc. Refer to my other post.

This piece is pim phra rod. Other than Director mold (rectangular), this piece is the most expensive one. LPT 2524 from wat changhai is a piece that i can't avoid. I will keep collecting any good pieces that come my way. I just like it. i have all phim now as long as it is nur wahn.

This piece is of great condition if not because of its nose. It is not well formed during making. Not because of knock or hurt due to wearing. It won't get champion in competition, but good enough for any wearing or normal collection.


Pidta Kradoop Phi - Myth or Real? Barang or Sacred?

We are not talking about those made by LP Suk, or LP Kiew or pidta benjapakkee. Those are 2 level up and may cost 5-6 figures in SGD. It is far fetch and not for common collector. It is too hard to verify too.

I am talking about Pidta Kradoop Phi made by Ajarn Noo in 2485 (75 years ago). Together with LP Jien pidta, they are known to be the two sacred pidta with human ashes most effective and affordable by common collectors in this era.

It has become one of the most famous piece of pidta in Indochine period (2480 era).


During Indochine war, many lives were claimed. Millions of Civilian died. Sorrow is in the air. Phra Ajarn Noo from Wat Pho who is a Khmer origin monk wanted to do something to help. He wanted to make a series of amulets using ashes of soldier, generals, civilians with the following 2 purpose:
- To protect the soldier so that they have better chances of winning
- To gain merit for the deceased

With that intention, he seek approval from the authority as Wat Pho is known to be a royal temple. By right, they do not allow amulets to be made of ashes or human fleshed. Back then, barang is not popular and is something not many people will want to even touch it. But knowing the intention of Ajarn Noo and also believing his power and ability to control the spirits and seek forgiveness and compassion, they approved the making of this batch and as many said, the rest are history. I personally think that may be there is another reason too:

- Too many dead body. They want to dispose it effectively and made best use of it.

Among the series of amulet, pidta is the most famous one. Its name, kradoop means bones/ashes. Phi means ghost. It was known back then, Thai soldiers that wore this pidta is "invinsible". They won many battle. Enemy can't see them clearly. And they can't be defeated. The French soldiers named this army as "ghost soldier". 

So, is this barang?
The answer is yes and no. I think from its ingredient, it is. But if it is purely based on ingredient to segregate if it is barang or not, then so is KPPK of LP Tim, KP of LP tae, GumanTong of LP Tae and many more.

To me, Barang is something made with not the right intention/purpose by bomoh/ajarn with sole intention is to make money out of it without considering repurcussion. Strange ingredient is added just to make it looks weird. Bomoh/Ajarn has not enough power to conmmunicate with the spirit and the amulet has short term effect with repurcussion to wearer cause the intention is not right. They try to control the spirit so as to do what the wearer is asking.

Whereas for Pidta Kradoop Phi, KPPK, KP and guman made by LP tae are different. They are made with the right purpose of gaining merit for the spirit so that they have better lives after they rebirth. Grant ceremony (many monks attended) are held to ensure spirit understood the intention and agreeable to gain merit by helping wearer to avoid danger and improve luck in everything they do (with good intention of course). 

So, this separates the real "barang" and the sacred amulet with "barang" material. Right? This is my own opinion anyway.

And if you ask me, why this batch demands so high price? I will say, it is market driven. It has been known to collectors that this batch of pidta is highly effective. It is good for fetching wealth, avoiding danger and improving luck. Overall luck. I will share an article that describe this pidta later on. So, despite many fake in the market, real piece and good condition piece still demand very high price. A good piece can demand up to THB 80,000 THB. Many pieces i saw in market are asking for S$500-800. Pls rent it prudently. You are real lucky if you get a real one at that price.

What i shared here is a very good condition of Pidta kradoop Phi. Thick, original. I have seen many, this is so far the best piece i have seen and collected. Should encased with gold one day. Easy to see and it is known that people with quiet and focus mind, can communicate with it. I have no luck so far though. 

Year Made: 2485

Temple: Wat Pho
Ingredient: Human bone Ashes, Different type of Wahn, flowers, phong itijay etc
Monk: Ajarn Noo


LP Thuat Pert Loke Wat Sakae, Ayuthya

I have many pieces of LPT Pert Loke. This is an evergreen piece. It is probably the 4th or 5th pieces that i use to own. Condition is superb. It is my believe that everyone that likes LP Thuat should have at least something made by Ajarn Tim, Ajarn Nong, LP Daeng and LP Doo. They are the top monk known for making LP Thuat for years.

Name: LP Thuat
Nick: Pert Loke
Material: Copper
Temple: Wat Sakae
Monk: LP Doo
Year Made: 2532

LP Doo is well known for making few things. LP Thuat pert loke, LP Thuat Ring, Phra Phrom, Mahasedtee, Pidta etc. For details, refer to my previous post.

2460 Somdej LP Parn (Wat Kusalord)

Pretty rare to find for such good condition piece. Wat kusalord Hanuman. Commonly seen are pieces that does not have this kind of marble like texture. This is natural evolution of amulets materials after years of keeping/wearing. 

Wat kusalord batch was made by lp parn in 2460. Chanted by him and disciple n mixed with the wicha powder usually put on top in small quantity. But for those pieces that happened to mixed with a lot of wicha powder, the material is usually harder , greyish green and has different texture than other Wat kusalord. That separates the price point. Usual Wat Kusalord is only few thousand THB but this type of material can go up to 25000 thb. Quite expensive but considering this history and also origin of the amulet, it is much cheaper than a real Mc-Coy Wat ban num kho lp parn.

Wat kusalord is known to many now as a replacement of LP Parn Somdej. I have written something about it some time ago on my Wat Kusalord purcupine. Until now, i have not seen another porcupine. :(  

What i have shared here is hanuman version. It's is especially for people that want power. Manager that wants authority. Someone that wants more energy and fighting spirit. It is very popular version though not as rare as porcupine.

As for LP Parn, i will not say much as this has been introduced before. One of my most respected monks who has helped me in many occasions. Until now, i am still chanting his Rich katha and felt great about it. Lp parn somdej is well known in the world n cost up to 500000 thb for top pim n condition. So for ppl that just want to experience lp parn amulet, this is a good choice.