Sunday, February 12, 2017

LP Thuat Wat Changhai 2524 Pim Phra Rod

Not much of intro needed for LP Thuat 2524. This is a known piece that has many miracles. bombing happen in Hatyai, bus explosion etc. Refer to my other post.

This piece is pim phra rod. Other than Director mold (rectangular), this piece is the most expensive one. LPT 2524 from wat changhai is a piece that i can't avoid. I will keep collecting any good pieces that come my way. I just like it. i have all phim now as long as it is nur wahn.

This piece is of great condition if not because of its nose. It is not well formed during making. Not because of knock or hurt due to wearing. It won't get champion in competition, but good enough for any wearing or normal collection.


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