Tuesday, May 12, 2015

First batch takrut by ajarn nong famous for narai pangrop. 2514, rare to see nowadays. Anyone opens up the takrut n found nothing inside? Many have said that the power will lost if the takrut is opened. N when close, there wont b sound when shaking. Before open, you can clearly hear clicking sound when shaking it. N strangely, there is nothing in it. May b we can use xray machine to examine it. Ha!


Ajarn nong lpt 2536 mahasitichok (1st placing)

Sharing rare lpt nur wahn made by ajarn nong in 2535. Roon Mahasitichok , wearer to be blessed with great luck in every aspect.
Pim pae yim (Chinese Uncle smile) , made 2000 pieces only. Very good condition n mixed with old 2497 materials. One of the few best batches from Ajarn Nong.
For Ajarn Nong lpt nur wahn, i like to collect 2514 hand mold pim yai big face, 2535, 2536, 2540 (mondop batch). I think very collectable from investor stand point if price is reasonable. Good chanting ceremony n well received in the market.