Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy chinesw new year!

Wishing all readers happy chinese new year..Abundant health,wealth, prosperity and amulets :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2502 somdej bkp lp lampoo nur phong dam

Very rare somdej bangkhumprom by lp lampoo. Made in 2502 with old fragments of somdej toh powder left over in pagoda. High concentration of old powder made this batch highly desirable among somdej collectors. Both good for wearing or collection.

Nowadays even 2517 batch cost 12500 -15000 thb. N 2509 batch is easily 37000-250000 thb. This piece is still highly collectable considering its price n value.

Sharing a piece rare in market. Black powder, same piece in lampoo book n 1st placing cert. Very tip top condition pim yai.


2517 lp kassem mongkun nur phong wat susantrailak (2nd placing)

Very good condition glazed lp kassem mongkun made in 2517. The famous batch together with master expensive rein n pidta n kring.
This is the best one should collect with lp kassem. A truely holy n genuine monk that reach arahang level even when he is alive.
Lp kassem use to medidate alone in cemetary for months without food staying away from hassle of managing a temple.
He believes in staying calm n remain clear minded even under influence of external environment. Thats the reason why he stays in cemetory.
One of the most respected monks by Thai king.
However after 2521, the temple was under management of committee. N it gets very commercialise. He produced many batches after that which a true collector of kassem amulet would focus on those made in 2517 or earlier.
Enjoy..a true beauty!

2506 lp thuat wat pakoh pim phra rod - 1st placing

Posted here is a hard to find nur wahn 2506 lp thuat pim phra rod chanted by ac Tim. Very gd condition with champion cert from major competition.

I shared a big mold b4. So this one much more desirable n better condition.

Mixed with high content of wch 2497 wahn. Haha..

Plenty of imitation in market. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Somdej wat rakhang nur loha pasom langkon

1st batch of metal somdej made in 245x by the wat rakhang abbot then. Condition pretty good. Form of prok poh with 2 tiers.

Unknown to many people but this batch was highly sought after. Main reason being the metal used to made this batch was actually takrut inscribed with yant by many of the top monks of that era. Wat rakhang distributed metal sheets to many temples of that era. And requested the monks to inscribe yant onto the metal sheet and go through chanting ceremony pf 3 months before returning them back to wat rakhang.

Then another consecration ceremony was carried out at wat rakhang to melt all takrut and make into the form of somdej. Some of the amulets that stick together or stick to the mould was actually hammered out. Thats why the name langkon. Kon is hammer in thai.

60 top monks are invited for chanting of this batch. Including lp derm of wat nong pho, lp suk of wat makhamtao, lp boon of wat klang bang keaw, lp boi and many more.