Monday, November 30, 2015

Somdej Wat Ket Chaiyoh 7 Chan Kheng Morng (4x Champion)

Sharing another piece of wat ket chaiyoh somdej made by Somdej Toh of Wat Rakhang.  Similar material as Wat Rakhang n BKP somdej. 

Wat Ket Chaiyoh has many pims and some not even in competition category. The top three pims are 7 chan niyom, 6 chan Ork Tan and 6 chan Ork Rong. And within these top three, there are different variations. Eg. 6 chan Ork Rong, there are 15 different variation one has to aware when collected this pim.

Other standard pim accepted in all Samakorm competition category are 7 chan Kheng Morng, 7 chan Lay Trong, 7 chan hu pra bah.

Price range of Somdej Wat key chaiyoh from 300,000 THB to 3 million THB. Still it is the cheapest entry level somdej made by Somdej Toh one can find as compared to WRK or BKP which cost anywhere between 5 million to 50 million THB for a non repaired piece. 

For more details of wat ket somdej, refer to my previous post.

This piece shared is 7 chan change morng, pim lek. Even though it is called pim lek, but it is not small. It is a standard size somdej and same size as pim yai. The name only differentiate the pim variation. There are slight difference if you compare side by side. My previous piece of somdej wat ket chaiyoh was a pim yai.

4 champions cert n 1 samakorm authentification cert under benjapakee category. More competition to come.....:) And with such good condition, i am quite sure it will be champion in most of the competition. Why?

1. It is already difficult to find a piece of 7 chan kheng morng. 
2. It is so difficult to find a piece without repair
3. In most competition, after removing the fake pieces, only left 4-5 pieces to compete among each other. and out of the 4-5, 2-3 will be repaired. A repaired piece for benjapakee phra, can get a 4th placing.
4. This piece with complete figure and frame. It is extremely hard to find a somdej wat ket in this condition.