Tuesday, June 30, 2015

LP Phrom of Wat Chong Kae

 Recently get to know more about LP Phrom of Wat Chong kae and started to learn more and more. i don't understand why his amulet is so expensive until recently i met with a few collectors from Thailand and all with a lot of good testimonials to share on his amulets. On how a fisherman become millionaire and how someone who caught with an accident but escaped with no damage to his body.

These are the reasons why his amulets are growing in popularity and prices over the years:
- Very effective. proven with lots of testimonials
- A highly powerful monk that focus on meditation and psychic power.
- All amulets are produced in small quantity and chanted by him with special incantation method.

LP Phrom was born in April 20, 2427 in Ayuthya. He was ordained since 2447 and set out for pilgrimage to various forest areas at Myanmar and Cambodia for the purpose of attaining peacefulness through meditation for many years. LP Phrom has once said "There are many monks who set out on pilgrimage and died from attack of wild animals or that of forest devils because they lacked high level psychic power for self protection. And during his pilgrimage, he chanted "itipiso" verse of 8 directions to the extend of creating an image of powerful glass wall which protected him from harmful attack of all wild animals and devils.

The incantation of LP Phrom amulets are also different from other monks. He will hold the amulets with both hands and direct his strong psychic power towards the amulets with open eyes. And he used to say that whoever possesses psychic power can detect aurora emit from his buddha amulets.

Many years after master passed on, miracles happened. His body remained un-decomposed. In fact, his hair, nail and beard grew longer and longer till today. Disciples got to cut and tidy up his body every few months. And his body was kept in a glass coffin at Wat Chong Kae for displayed and admiration of the public.

There are 4 popular classes of LP Phrom's amulets:
i. 2512 bell code rooplor; only 400 made. and LP Phrom performed incantation for the longest period of 3 months. 4th ranking of top 5 popular holding amulets in Thailand. Very expensive.

ii. This batch roop with LP Phrom finger pointing upwards, brass material. 2507. Made 600 pieces.

iii. Rein , first batch copper, 2507. 3000 pieces were made.

iv. 2512 Somdej Faa Pa. The green color piece only 200 pieces were made. The reason for its names "Faa Pa" or "Thunderbolt" is because the wearer of this amulets by the name of Mr. Sompong was stroked by thunderbolt but he was harmless even though his clothes were all burned up. This incident was reported in news and spread on to the entire village.

Effect of LP Phrom's Amulets: Prevent/avoid accident, promote safety, protect against weapons and enriching prosperity and luck.

Some info on Somdej Wat Ket ChaiYoh

Phra somdej wat ket chaiyoh were made by Somdej Putarjarn Toh Promarangsri in 2409 (150+ years ago). From the record book of Phra yathip Kosa by Phra Dharm Thavorn (a novice monk that helped Somdej Toh in making this batch of somdej in 2409), 2 main form were made; 7 tier base and 6 tier base. All these para somdej were made and kept in base of big buddha statue of Wat ket chaiyoh in order to extend merit to his mother named "ket" and his grandfather "Chai". 

There are many pims created. But the more popular and widely recognised by Thai experts are only few:

i. 7 tiers popular mold
ii. 6 tiers full chest mold
iii. 6 tiers groove chest mold

Material used for phra somdej ket chaiyoh is similar to Somdej Wat rakhang. But more firm, compact and look like marble. This is the characteristic. and it has traces of sand paper rubbing at all 4 sides as well as the back of somdej. So, this differentiates Somdej Wat ket with Somdej WRK/BKP.

And in terms of price, Wat ket is still within reach for most highend collectors. In the range of SGD10k up to 35k. Whereas a piece of Somdej WRK, it costs anything between 2 mil THB to 20 mil THB.

Effect of Somdej Wat Ket: Enhance personal power, increase charm and loving kindness, prevent / avoid accident, promote safety and to make sacred holy water for treating various terminal illnesses.

Some thoughts!

Half year has passed and i have progressed so much in amulets collection. Few years back, it is only in my dream to own a benjapakee somdej. The price has gone up to a point which is too far fetch for me.

But amulet has helped me in many aspects. Especially my career and work. So much difference with the right support and boss. i am doing work that i nvr imagine possible in 2013. I can afford much higher-end amulets now and get to connect with all the amulets big bosses in Thailand behind the scene.

In just 3-4 months time, i collected 2 Wat Ket Somdej, 3 khunphen long phim and kayasart, numerous others lp thuats and LP Boon amulets. And many others. Of course, spent a fortune on all these amulets as well.

As an expert friend once told me, in order to learn how to authenticate, i have to see the real piece. and see it frequent enough until it just grow into you. Now i realise, how true it is. It is hard to learn by seeing books and pictures. Without really seeing the real piece. I understand now. And i live by it now. Also those learning i shared in my previous blogs are so much valid. Time tested and still firmly practised.

This year is a great year to collect "blue chip" amulets :) Price either stagnant or drops. Newbies rushing in to buy new amulets with beautiful design...haha....so, demand of "blue chip" amulet drops a little. So, this creates opportunity for me to collect at great prices.

My next aim will be LPT 2505 Pim A.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Champ of Champ - 2540 lpt Ajarn Nong Wat Sai kaw Pim Kamakan

2540 batch is getting very hot n popular now. I already have pim yai, pim phra rod n pim khlang. With this, i have completed full set of 2540 collection.

What i shared is really original and untouched. Unworn too. Still in original skin and colour. 

There are few batches that worth to collect n thus is certainly one of them. Not only it contains lots of 2497 wahn, it has takrut of ajarn nong n it was made in small qty. From my information, pim kamakan with silver takrur only made 800 pieces. Gold takrut 200 pieces. Total made 1000 for pim kamakan. Also, this batch has gone through big chanting ceremony. It was also the third last batch made by Ajarn Nong before he passed away. So, very worth to collect.

Btw, not many ppl know that 2540 kring is also very expensive n hard to find.

Prices has gone up a lot now for this batch as most collector dont want to let go. Same for 2536 batch. So hard to find n so expensive nowadays.

Enjoy while i still have it :)

Rare: Somdej Luang Phu Parn (Wat Kusalord)

Super rare to find. Wat kusalord porcupine. Commonly seen are roosters n fish n garuda but for porcupine it is hard to come by.

Not many people heard of what kusalord. Until recently. But many people heard about LP Parn of Wat Ban num kho from Ayuthya. I have written a lot about LP Parn in my previous post as he is one of my most respected monks who has helped me in many occasions. Until now, i am still chanting his katha and felt great about it.

Wat kusalord batch was made by lp parn too in 2460. Chanted by him and disciple n mixed with the wicha powder usually put on top in small quantity. But for those pieces that happened to mixed with a lot of wicha powder, the material is usually harder , greyish green and has different texture than other Wat kusalord. That separates the price point. Usual Wat Kusalord is only few thousand THB but this type of material can go up to 25000 thb. Quite expensive but considering this history and also origin of the amulet, it is much cheaper than a real Mc-Coy Wat ban num kho lp parn.

Lp parn somdej is well known in the world n cost up to 600000 thb for top pim n condition. So for ppl that just want to experience lp parn amulet, this is a good choice.

What is shown is a top condition, top form wat kusalord somdej porcupine. Hard to find..

Some friend asked me , why this looks like fish? but i said it is a porcupine? Ya, not typo, it is really a porcupine :)


Benjapakee- somdej wat ket

One the the popular pims of wat ket. Also one of the more affordable oe due to ts condition.

A nice piece cost about 500000-600000 thb. This piece hugely discounted. For common collector, it is not feasible to save up 500000 to get a somdej. So, for own wearing, this s god enough.

Btw, there are story behind the scrap mark of the amulets. Let me know if you r interested to know.

2514 ajarn nong lpt wat sai kow

Sharing a tip top condition first batch lpt by ajarn nong, peer of ajarn tim (creator of lpt). Ajarn nong is popular with his lpt n takrut narai highly sought after by many. This batch of lpt represents the best from ajarn nong since it was inserted with master's gold takrut.

It is also the batch that look alike with the million dollar 2497 ajarn tim wch lpt. In fact it was mixed with huge amount of 2497 powder.

Pim phi nai khum, hand mold. Wide side, special n limited qty made.

Why this is highly collectable?
- first batch lpt by ajarn nong. The newer batch 2540 now are already getting hot not to mention first batch
- ajarn nong n ajarn tim n ajarn daeng are from same lineage. The most famous lpt maker in Thai.
- mixed with lots of 2497 herbs chanted by ajarn tim
- inserted with master gold takrut
- proven efficacy on career progression n danger free. It is known that any lpt wearer will not meet with any road accident