Tuesday, March 4, 2014

King of Khun phen-LP Tim wat lahanrai

Sharing this piece of LP Tim Khun phen Plai Kuman (KPPK) Pim Yai.
LP Tim needs no introduction and I have blogged about his bio last year. I also wrote about the making of phong plai kuman which makes the khun phen so effective. Together with khun phen made by LP Tae, you have the formidable pair and all the metta and business luck one will ever need.
There are multiple pim made for KPPK. And what I shared below contains a lot of phong plai kuman that makes the amulet greyish brown in colour. Authenticated by samakorm and also featured in LP Tim amulets magazine. Rare to find this condition in the market now.
LP Tim KPPK prices has skyrocketed exponentially. 4 years ago, I own a piece of pim lek and pim yai. Pim lek costs only S$1.8k and pim yai S$4k. and when price starts to increase I thought this is just a hype. It will come down eventually when collectors cool down. So, I rented out both pieces to a collector that wants metta urgently. However, I realise now that I make a wrong judgement. There are multiple opportunities come knocking on my door to get a piece at much lower price than now, but I let it go. Now, a Pim lek costs S$5k up and Pim Yai S$9k up. This entry piece with not good condition. A good and rare pim yai can cost 1 million THB.
So, investing in a nice Pu tim KPPK is like buying a good blue chip. In fact much better returns. It is not a trend. It has been expensive all along and it will be in years to come!

Monday, March 3, 2014

My winning-saraburi samakorm competition

A bit disappointed. Out of 10 submission, 3 of them do not have placing. All accepted though, so no fake. :) 2x Lp lampoo bkp 2502 somdej and luang ta pan bkp 2502 somdej.
Checked with the director of samakorm. Mr keng rong nam,  he said lampoo received more than 20 pieces of pim Yai n luang ta pan received 18. Very difficult to get placing since my amulet condition is not tip top.
Below is the outcome:
1. Lp thuat wat changhai 2524 Pim kamakan -  1st placing
2. Lp pu somdej . Wat in, Pim tan Sam kheng. Klom. - 1st placing
3. Lp sri,  wat sakae,  phrom, silver, small face - 1st placing
4. Lp thuat wat changhai 2497 Wahn,  Pim khlang -  2nd placing
5. Lp parn somdej Pim nok,  samathi - 3rd placing
6. Lp thuat wat changhai 2508 Lang nang suer -  4th placing
7. Lp. Tim. Somdej yant har 2517 - 4th placing
8. Lp. Lampoo wat bkp 2502 somdej Pim yai - accepted without placing
9. Luang dta pan wat bkp 2502 somdej Pim Yai lai yok.-  accepted without placing
1st placing got competition book n 2nd n 3rd placing got phra naprok brai ma kam as gift.

Saraburi samakorm competition- 2 March 2014

Sharing some photos taken while I was there just now. Super pack. This is a bigger scale competition. I thought it is smaller since it is at saraburi. But still...n I also took photo of those big shots in samakorm, judges n many can recognise their faces like Mr. Phayat Kampan, Mr. Sama. Krongsam...
Lots of ppl and met some Singapore collectors too. N dealers.