Monday, October 1, 2012

LP Doo Amulet info (Quantity made and Jarn)

Some LP Doo Amulet information to Share:

1. Many amulets with hand written jarn issued by LP Doo of Wat saket. However, not all are handwritten by himself. So, if you observe carefully, you can see difference and authentic a LP Doo rein from the fake.

- Mahasedtee Gold is jarn by LP Doo
- Mahasedtee Copper, silver and lead and Nawa are jarn by loung lung dum
- Rein kang bua 2520 are all jarned by LP Doo
- Rein kang bua 2522 are all jarned by LP Doo
- All rein phra phrom 2522 are jarned by Lp Doo
- Rein Yan Doung gold, silver are jarned by LP Doo
- Rein Yan Doung copper has no jarn
- LP thuat, Pert loke are jarned by Ajarn Suparad

2. LP Doo Rein are all made in limited quantity. Below shows qty made of some of the more popular rein of LP Doo. This data is extracted from Wat Saket temple book.

- Phra Phrom Pasom : 10,000
- Mahasedtee copper, Yan Doung Copper : 10,000
- Pert Loke Copper LP Thuat: 10,500
- Pert Loke Silver LP thuat: 1,036
- Mahasedtee Silver: 1,000
- Rein Yan Doung Silver : 300
- Rein LP Doo Kang bua silver (rectangle): 150

Takrut Made by LP Doo in Various Period

Sharing few different Takrut by LP Doo, Wat Saket. Not so popular among the dealers but they are well received by private collectors of LP Doo amulets. These takrut is good and very affordable. Especially good for metta and business and for meditation practitioners.

There are 2 codes 8cm (metal), single code 5cm (metal) and 8cm metal inserted with sacred powder and tied with nylon thread.

LP Thuat 2524 Wat Changhai Pim kamakarn (Niyom) Nur Wahn - 2x Champion

This piece is rare to find. Many in the market currently is either fake or remake batches. And as recorded, only 2000 were made back then. After 31 years, many are lost or broken. How many left at good condition then?

According to temple record, pim kamakarn produced 2000 pieces, the rest pim yai, pim klang, pim phra rod combined 200-300k produced with pim phra rod produced less like 20-30k. Within pim kamakarn, there are big face and small face. Big face is niyom and produced less. Price is also 10-15% higher than small face.

To find a real McCoy 2524 LP thuat Kamakarn is no easy task. and its price has gone up till surpassed some 2509, 2511 rein made by LP Tim himslf.

Many are kept tightly in the safe and the dealer or collectors do not even want to show people.

Above is one piece with near perfect condition and naturally grown "substance" on the surface of the wahn. Comes with original temple box. Big face, niyom pim. Rarr than normal kamakarn pim.


LP Thuat Wat Prasat 2506 Nur Gao (old powder)/khao (white)

Many friends know me as a fan of prasat amulet..i have sangkacai, somdej pra kru moon style, somdej toh image, lp suk image, kring etc..but lp thuat nur gao (khao) this is the first time due to its price. have been checking around since 2 years back when the price is 1k+. Thought too expensive as compared to other wat prasat amulets. Then last year, it was 2k+. Price has increased a lot for this particular piece.

Then recently, came across this piece from the hand of Wat Prasat and 2497 LP thuat kamakan, and decided to take this back home with a big hole in my pocket :)

Submitted this piece in Lopburi competition last week on 18 Nov organized by Samakorm, and got 1st placing...:)

Why do i like this?

1. Wat Prasat 2506 batch has gone through super duper grand consecration with all the famous monk / lp of that era including LP Tim of wat changhai, LP Tae of Wat Sam ngan, LP Nak of Wat Rakhang etc.

2. All the good ingredients are mixed in this batch include 2497 lpt, WPN powder donated by LP Sodh, old somdej Toh WRK powder etc...too many to list down. Refer to old post of mine describing Wat Prasart. And for this piece, as recorded, it is almost 100% old Bang khom phom powder. One of the most expensive pim and material among all Wat prasat LP thuat.

3. This piece is one of the rare find. Nur Gao (old), khao = white. It is yellowish tinted with green patches. Thai called this "Doo ngai" for this material and condition..

4. Combining power of LPT and somdej power, we get the best of both world. now lp thuat made by AC Tim and somdej BKP easily cost SGD 5 figure digit. For this piece, it is fraction of that price.