Monday, October 1, 2012

LP Thuat 2524 Wat Changhai Pim kamakarn (Niyom) Nur Wahn - 2x Champion

This piece is rare to find. Many in the market currently is either fake or remake batches. And as recorded, only 2000 were made back then. After 31 years, many are lost or broken. How many left at good condition then?

According to temple record, pim kamakarn produced 2000 pieces, the rest pim yai, pim klang, pim phra rod combined 200-300k produced with pim phra rod produced less like 20-30k. Within pim kamakarn, there are big face and small face. Big face is niyom and produced less. Price is also 10-15% higher than small face.

To find a real McCoy 2524 LP thuat Kamakarn is no easy task. and its price has gone up till surpassed some 2509, 2511 rein made by LP Tim himslf.

Many are kept tightly in the safe and the dealer or collectors do not even want to show people.

Above is one piece with near perfect condition and naturally grown "substance" on the surface of the wahn. Comes with original temple box. Big face, niyom pim. Rarr than normal kamakarn pim.


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