Friday, July 31, 2015

2535 ajarn nong lp thuat, mahasitichok - 1st placing

Sharing a champion piece of mahasitichok pim yai with jarn behind. Kammakan face.

Very collectable. N i m still trying to collect pim kamakan mahasitichok. Came across few years ago at ridiculous price. Now i know why, cause after that, i have nvr come across another piece at reasonable price.

Very rare n this batch has great comments from many collectors.

Mixed with 2497 materials n undergone great putthapisek.

Enjoy, this piece won 1st placing in last Sun big sanakorm cheangwattana competition.

Lp thuat, 2524 pim kamakan, wat changhai - 3rd placing

Sharing a mint condition 2524 pim kamakan in original temple box. No need to intro as 2524 is so popular with proven efficacy. Pim kamakan is the rarest among all pim n made only 2000 pieces. Probably left only few hundred pieces now after more than 30 years now.

Lp thuat ajarn nong 2535 first batch rein hua toh

Sharing a champion condition piece of ajarn nong rein hua toh nur thong daeng block thong kum.

Limited made less than 4000 pieces. More rare than block nowa.

This rein is very much favoured by many n price has surpass 2530 second batch rein hua toh from wat changhai.

The nawa version made only 1200 pieces n silver about 1500 pieces. Price is now close to 50,000 thb.

Enjoy. This piece just gt 1st placing in cheangwattana samakorm competition last sun.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wat pak num visit

Fortunate enough to meet wat pak num abbot. They are having ordain ceremony.

Cheangwattana samakorm competition - 26 July 2015

Quite big competition today. Submitted 16, 13 gt placing.Quite difficult to get 1st actually. But sirprisingly queue not long for lp thuat table unlike bitech.

Happy happy. Gt ppl offer to buy my somdej wat Ket (1st) n wat pak num roon 3 (3rd) today. Haha

Best local bkk eating outlet

So far, the best n most authentic thai food tried! Super flavourful n spicy! It is next to railway.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2541 LP Thuat Pim Bua Rop, Ajarn Nong Wat Sai kao

Sharing two pieces of nice Ajarn song Bua Rop. Made in 2514. Second last batch personally made by Ajarn Nong. Same design as the Wat Changhai 2508 Ajarn Tim made Bua rop. Great condition with ajarn Nong's signature at the bottom.

Material: Brass (Made 1700 pieces only). Nawa (Made 2541 pieces)

This has gone through big consecration ceremony and made with melted Ajarn Nong takrut narai.

Shown below are of Brass material. One is committee pim (Red) and the other is normal.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lp moon , wat baan jaan, srisaket province

Miracle monk that lived till 109 years old

Born on 15 April B.E. 2437 at Baan Jaan district, Srisaket province to farmer parents. He was a novice monk at the age of 14 and practiced Buddhism under the guidance of Phra Acharn Sida, the abbot of Wat Baan Jaan before ordaining as a monk in B.E. 2460 at the age of 23.

In his life time of monkhood, Luangpu Moon traveled extensively around the region as well as neighboring countries for his forest-dwelling (Tudong) seeking great gurus who can teach him
more on Dharma and Magical practices.

He spent more than 50 years meeting many great gurus and inherited the skill of making sacred powder (Phong Itijie, Phong Puttakun, Phong Trini Singhe, Phong Patamung and Phong Maha Raj)
Especially from Phra Acharn Si Chantasiri, who was from the same linage of Somdej Phra Puttajan Toh, Wat Rakang temple. This five sacred powders were important ingredients for making effective amulets. Luangpu Moon also learned making of alloy-based amulets from Somdej Phra Sangkaraj Pae and Mitmor (Magical Knife) from Luangpu Kam and Luangpu Ngen, both teachers of Luangpor Derm Wat Nong Poh.

Below are a list of masters whom Luangpu Moon had met and learned from:

Phra Acharn Sida (preceptor)
Luangpu Mun Boritato
Luangpu Wen Suchino Wat Doi Mae Phang
Somdej Sangaraj Pae Wat Suthat
Luangpu Nak Wat Arun
Acharn Tim Wat Chianghai
Luangpu Kron Wat Bangsek (tok rajah)
Por than Klai Wat Suankan
Acharn Singh Wat Pa Sarawan
Luangpor Jak Wat Bangabao
Luangpu Kam Wat Kao Kaew (teacher of Luangpor Derm Wat Nong Poh)
Luangpor Ngen Wat Mak Plangluang (teacher of Luangpor Derm Wat Nong Poh)
Luangpor Son Wat Seangsang
Luangpor Kuay Wat Kositaram

besides the above mentioned gurus, Luangpu Moon also excelled in a very high level of wicha Akom
(magical skill) from Luangpu Dam and Luangpu Maha Peng Wat Lam Duan both are highly respected deciples of The Great Somdej Ron of Nakorn Champasak, Laos.

Amulets created by Luangpu Moon were very effective and highly sought-after by followers. Phra Luangta Maha Bua of Wat Ban tard temple once said to those who are seeking good and effective amulets to go to Luangpu Moon.

Luangpu Moon returned to Wat Baan Jaan temple in B.E. 2520 and passed away in his hut on the 11 March B.E. 2546 @0730am at the age of 109 years and 86 years with the monkhood

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ajarn Loy - The Ultimate Master of Hun Payong

Long waiting to blog this. But no time to pen down this great master.

1. Top 10 krung Rang in the whole Thailand
2. Featured in most Krung Rang books including "Art of Siam"
3. Frequently referred to as the top and only real master of HPY maker

Who else? Not Ajarn Pee, Not Ajarn Cheong. Ajarn Loy. I am sure not many people heard about this master name unless you are really into Krung Rang collection. One of the key reason is the HPY made by him is just too rare in the market.

He made 300 HPY from 2500 to 2528. All hand made. And master passed away at the age of 74 in 2528. And this was distributed to only disciples and relatives. Not for public. What left now, probably less than 100. And those who owned it, probably will never let go as soon, it will go into museum.

Biography of Ajarn Loy:
Ajarn Loy was born in 2454 at northern thailand, Ayuthya. He become monk at the age of 20 years old ordained by lp phan of Wat saotong. After that he learned various wicha from different masters. One of the legendary masters LP Bien of Wat pongmi has taught Ajarn Loy the old way of making HPY. And at 2495, he become ajarn and went back to his home town to help villagers in curing black magic, resolving problems etc. Lots of devotees came to see him and he became a legendary master back then. 

Among all amulets made, the most famous is Hun Payong. Master use special straw to make it into human shape, mix with special formulated powder, pollen and under unique weather condition etc before tying it and chant. His hun payong is known as the top HPY in thailand due to the many efficacy. All this was recorded in thai amulet books. All HPY made has individual spirit (not spirit from human that passed on, but spirit form by nature, wind, earth,water, fire. that makes it so special.

And what is the purpose of HPY? Is this evil? It looks like black magic to me initially. But it is not. The purpose of HPY is to act as a replacement. Help wearer to block away danger, evil spirit, accident and black magic. And if you put it at home and pray, it helps you to look after your house, children. It helps to grow your business too. 

There are incident that a rich goldsmith in Thai owning a piece os Ajarn Loy HPY, whenever he goes lunch/dinner, even if he is alone, waiter always bring him double set. and also when he was away on holiday, neighbour said there is always someone at home. They don't even know that he is away.

This is just one of the many incidents recorded.

There are 4 type of Ajarn Loy HPY:

1. Pim lek: 1.5-2cm. Round head or semi-round
2. Pim Khlang: 2-2.5cm. Semi round head shape.
3. Pim Yai: 2.5-4cm. flat head.
4. Big HPY for altar: 10-20 cm. Round head. Super rare.