Friday, June 28, 2013

LP Thuat, AC Nong, Wat Sai kao, Pim Yai, Nur wahn with Silver Takrut, 2534

Another piece of 2534 from AC Nong, Wat Sai kao. This is Pim Yai, Nur Wahn with Silver takrut.

The more I dug, the more I found. Had  been checking out old collections from my dad. Apparently he collected many AC Nong from 2530-2541..Mostly still in original temple box.


AC Nong Wat Sai kao, Pim Phra Rod, 2534

AC Nong (Wat Sai kao), needs no introduction. He is considered one of the pioneers of LP thuat making beside Ajarn Tim of Wat Changhai. They are close peer and attended many consecration ceremony together including the 2500 (grand consecration), 2506 (grand ceremony at wat prasart) and etc.

Today, a nice good piece of 2514 early batch of lp thuat made by Ajarn Nong will cost at least 65,000 THB. That is provided you can find a genuine piece. I helped a friend submitted his piece recently only to find that it was a high-end fake. And he bought it at S$950.

What I have shared is a piece of nice condition pim phra rod lp thuat Nur Wahn, made by AC Nong in 2534. Pim phra rod is not easily seen nowadays especially those made by AC Nong. More so in this condition...:)


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ajarn Nong , LP thuat Phim A, Roon Sang Mondok (Silver takrut), Wat Sai Kao, Nur Wahn

Sharing another piece o Ajarn Nong, Wat Sai kao, lp thuat, Roon Sang Mondok. Phim A. Come with original temple box.

This piece comes with silver takrut whereas the earlier piece comes with gold takrut. Qty produced: 2540 pieces.


Ajarn Nong , LP thuat Phim A, Roon Sang Mondok (Gold takrut), Wat Sai Kao, Nur Wahn

Sharing an original condition Ajarn Nong, LP thuat Phim A, Roon Sang Mondok, Wat Sai Khao, made around 2540/41. Qty: 779 pieces.

This piece comes with original temple box. got from Ajarn Nong long ago and put in cupboard till now. Amazingly, back of amulet grows patches of white powdery material originally not found.

Nice piece of Ajarn Nong lp thuat is pretty hard to come by and price is not cheap for his older batches.

And in my opinion, any Ajarn Nong LP Thuat, as long as made by him (<=2542) and comes with narai takrut, will appreciate in value in the long run. More so, if it is limited in qty.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

LP Suk (Wat Makham Tao) Somdej Prakpahmonton, 2435 (With Samakorm Authentic Guarantee Cert)

It is always my dream to own one somdej made by LP Suk, Wat Makham Tao. And I finally got it late last year and got time to post it up for sharing. It is a real blessing to obtain a nice and authentic lp suk somdej in reasonable condition and reasonable cost.

LP Suk, needs no introduction to fellow collectors and amulets enthusiasts. He is one of the top ranking monks in the olden days era before 2500 together with LP Thuat, LP Ngern of Wat Bangklan, Somdej Toh of Wat Rakhang and etc.. I have written a very detailed biography of LP Suk in another post. You can obtain more info there. It is known that his somdej is very mythical. Owning one piece will free devotees from dangers, evil and all bad luck.

What I have shared here is a somdej called Prakpahmonton, nur takua (Lead). LP Suk has made two types of somdej pretty popular among the collectors. Somdej Prakpahmonton and Somdej Rasami. Any of these two is good to collect if budget allows. However, price has been climbing every year. A simple piece with even very worn out condition, will cost easily 60,000 to 70,000 THB.

For Somdej prakpahmonton, if it is made with copper, the market price will be at least 200,000 THB and above.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Luang Phor Thuat 2506 Wat Pakoh Nur Wahn (4th Placing Cert)

Sharing a piece of Luang Phor Thuat issued by Wat Pakoh in 2506. This piece is Pim Yai big face, Nur Wahn and mixed with high amount of Wat changhai AC Tim 2497 Wahn.

In fact Ajarn Tim from Wat changhai came over for the consecration ceremony and offered to mix the 2497 wahn into this batch as recorded in the blue LP thuat blue book.

Now, a piece of 2497 LP thuat wahn, demands a high price. So, many collectors turn to this to learn the wahn and aging formation and also use it as a replacement of the 2497 lp thuat.

This piece shared is in very good condition and got a 4th placing in a major competition. unworn condition as good as new. And pim yai is the most expensive pim for this batch other than pim jew.


Katha for LP Sri (Wat Sakae) Phra Phrom

Sharing a pretty rare Katha from LP Sri of Wat Sakae. LP Sri made 4 face Phra Phrom Stamp following his master foot step. His master , Ajarn Heng made the world most expensive Phra Prom rein costing anywhere between 300,000-700,000 THB. It is constantly ranked top ten rein in Thailand.

LP Sri learned the sacred way of making phra phrom from his master and that made his phra prom rein equally effective and powerful as commented by collectors and devotees alike.

As usual, any katha before you chant, clean your mouth, calm your mind and body, focus your mind to the rein and chant....

Katha for LP Sri Phra Phrom

Namo Tassa Bagavatto Arahato Samma Samputha Sa x 3 times
Jaturaprak ta
Ja ma Ha Phromma
Sup pa Sa Nae Ha
Pra Sit Ti Mae

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Somdej Wat bang khum prom - 2502

Sharing a very good condition Wat Bang khum prom made by luang Dta Pan in 2500.
Luang dta pan was a visiting monk at wat bang khum prom. He admired Somdej Toh a lot and had collected a lot of his amulets. Many of those were broken pieces. He blended a huge amount of such broken pieces n making use of old mold to produce various type of somdej.
In 2500, when BKP grand kru was opened up, he placed all his somdej into the kru. Chanted for 2 years n released to public in 2502 when the grand kru was opened again. So, this batch was known as BKP 2502.
If you look closely, most of his somdej contains lots of old bang khum prom powder. Lots more than bkp 2509. That makes this batch of somdej a great substitute of the original old bkp costing few million Thai baht. Furthermore, luang dta pan is a deciple of luang dta Ee from chonburi who was himself a powerful and highly reputable monk among the locals.

This pim shared is known as pim yai lai yok (left shoulder higher). Pim yai and Pim Yai lai yok are the two most expensive pim of somdej from Luang Dta Pan. And Pim yai lai yok is even more rare than pim yai. And with this condition, it is not easy to come by.

This piece under a 10x scope, can see lots of old materials. and it is a great learning piece to observe amulets aging process, natural crack lines and old sediments.


Mahasedtee Rein - LP Doo

Mahasedtee Rein (Rich man coin)

Who doesn't want to be rich? :) No wonder this is one of the most popular rein made by LP Doo (Wat Saket) after Phra Phrom and Pert Loke.

Sharing above is a normal pim in reasonably good condition. Still can see red skin on certain area. And jarn written by Luang Lum Dum (Disciple of Lp Doo) is visibly seen behind.

It is said that wearer will not suffer from poverty and enjoy great business success. Looks like I have to wear it myself to experience this :)

Some Stats:
Copper: made 10,000
Nawa: made 200
Takua: made 300
Silver: made 1000
Gold: <50 p="">
Copper is the cheapest among the lot. and Silver is more expensive than nawa and Takua even though it was made more than them. Price ranges from 100,000-150,000 for a silver one. and Gold needless to say, 500k thb up.