Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Somdej Wat bang khum prom - 2502

Sharing a very good condition Wat Bang khum prom made by luang Dta Pan in 2500.
Luang dta pan was a visiting monk at wat bang khum prom. He admired Somdej Toh a lot and had collected a lot of his amulets. Many of those were broken pieces. He blended a huge amount of such broken pieces n making use of old mold to produce various type of somdej.
In 2500, when BKP grand kru was opened up, he placed all his somdej into the kru. Chanted for 2 years n released to public in 2502 when the grand kru was opened again. So, this batch was known as BKP 2502.
If you look closely, most of his somdej contains lots of old bang khum prom powder. Lots more than bkp 2509. That makes this batch of somdej a great substitute of the original old bkp costing few million Thai baht. Furthermore, luang dta pan is a deciple of luang dta Ee from chonburi who was himself a powerful and highly reputable monk among the locals.

This pim shared is known as pim yai lai yok (left shoulder higher). Pim yai and Pim Yai lai yok are the two most expensive pim of somdej from Luang Dta Pan. And Pim yai lai yok is even more rare than pim yai. And with this condition, it is not easy to come by.

This piece under a 10x scope, can see lots of old materials. and it is a great learning piece to observe amulets aging process, natural crack lines and old sediments.



  1. Give it to a friend, and he passed it to another friend who dropped it onto the table, the corner of the amulet was broken...cry...cry...