Monday, November 30, 2015

Somdej Wat Ket Chaiyoh 7 Chan Kheng Morng (4x Champion)

Sharing another piece of wat ket chaiyoh somdej made by Somdej Toh of Wat Rakhang.  Similar material as Wat Rakhang n BKP somdej. 

Wat Ket Chaiyoh has many pims and some not even in competition category. The top three pims are 7 chan niyom, 6 chan Ork Tan and 6 chan Ork Rong. And within these top three, there are different variations. Eg. 6 chan Ork Rong, there are 15 different variation one has to aware when collected this pim.

Other standard pim accepted in all Samakorm competition category are 7 chan Kheng Morng, 7 chan Lay Trong, 7 chan hu pra bah.

Price range of Somdej Wat key chaiyoh from 300,000 THB to 3 million THB. Still it is the cheapest entry level somdej made by Somdej Toh one can find as compared to WRK or BKP which cost anywhere between 5 million to 50 million THB for a non repaired piece. 

For more details of wat ket somdej, refer to my previous post.

This piece shared is 7 chan change morng, pim lek. Even though it is called pim lek, but it is not small. It is a standard size somdej and same size as pim yai. The name only differentiate the pim variation. There are slight difference if you compare side by side. My previous piece of somdej wat ket chaiyoh was a pim yai.

4 champions cert n 1 samakorm authentification cert under benjapakee category. More competition to come.....:) And with such good condition, i am quite sure it will be champion in most of the competition. Why?

1. It is already difficult to find a piece of 7 chan kheng morng. 
2. It is so difficult to find a piece without repair
3. In most competition, after removing the fake pieces, only left 4-5 pieces to compete among each other. and out of the 4-5, 2-3 will be repaired. A repaired piece for benjapakee phra, can get a 4th placing.
4. This piece with complete figure and frame. It is extremely hard to find a somdej wat ket in this condition.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Been Busy With Work lately

Many ask about my whereabout.

Thanks for the concern. I have been busy with work mostly and just came back from Japan and China business trip.

Will be posting soon on more items that i manage to take photo.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

LP Doo Pert Loke, Wat Sakae, 2532

Sharing a nice piece of LP Thuat By LP Doo. This is the pert loke batch made popular by LP Doo. Widely known as open the world batch. The only difference is that this is nur phong, whereas the famous one is made of metal (copper, silver, lead, gold). Price is 1/4 of metal piece but same effect and equally sacred lp thuat made by LP Doo. Why not?

I have shared information about pert loke batch in earlier post. Please refer to it for more details.

Famous LP Phrom Roop muen Roon Faapaa (Lightning Strike), 2512

Sharing few pieces of LP Phrom Roop Muen Roon Faapaa (2512)

This is nothing new to lp Phrom collectors. First batch and very popular and highly recommended for protection.

In fact the name says it all. There was a farmer that wore this while farming, was hit by lightning one rainy day. His has no injuries at all but clothing all burned to ashes. This news spread to the entire village and neighbouring village. Because of that, this batch of amulet is known as Roon Faapaa (lightning strike).

Of course , this is just one of the many incidence. There are many others. For instance, the rein roon chaloon Ayu Gao Sip phi helped Mr. Pra Gid Tong Jan escaped from death falling down from a construction pit of 4 storey height. He was discharged from the hospital after just 5 days.

And many more.

Verification Tips:
- Look at the both sides of amulets
- Composition of materials

Roop Muen Pum LP Phrom Pim Kao Kwang Lang tem 2516

Another masterpiece from LP Phrom, Wat Chong Kae. 2516

Sharing below is a room muen pump lp phrom, pim kao change lang tem. Highly sough after and many fakes in the market.

Piece below is in great condition and i got it one year ago from another seasoned LP Phrom collector.

Tips of verification:
1. Lump of flesh above left eyes
2. The Khun letter "wu" has shifted sharp pointed tip
3. 2 lines one after another at the strip of robe above left knee
4. Third thai consonant has a visible fine line
5. The khun letter "wu" on the right splat into 2 lines going up

Hope this helps. But nothing beats seeing the real piece and comparing with the tips or verification points as described by the book.

Rein Song nam (LP Phrom - Wat Chong Kae)

How to Verify Rein Song nam of LP Phrom, Wat Chong Kae?

Rein Song nam is not the most popular or expensive that master produced but still there are lots of fake in the market. So, how to verify?

First some info on this rein. It is consider the last batch produced in April 2517. Lp Phrom passed away in Jan 2518. This rain undergone 8 days of consecration by LP Phrom himself, and when it was released for rent , it was sold out within an hour. LP Phrom already has wide and large pool of devotees after 2507 batches of amulets with lots of miracles experienced by the locals. So, it is not surprising but it is very unusual to have such high popularity by villagers back then. Not to mention that Wat Chong Kae is not so accessible like now. There is no clear tar road leading to the temple.

Quantity produced:
Thong Rakhang: 19 pieces
Stainless: 21 pieces
Copper: 3,300 pieces

Verification Tips (From books + own experience):
1. The base of the rein (in front) is tight and smooth.
2. Sharp tail in front letters
3. The number 5 has line of one other
4. The khom letter "mak" has broken line
5. The base behind is not smooth with trace marks above the khom letter "Wu"
6. Broken line at the frame of yant
7. The bottom right hand edge is not properly cut
8. The number "9" has a fat line
9. Water line fine marks between clothes lined the base
10. Sharp and clear line at the back frame of yant
11. Fine line marking at the area of external frame of rein near the rein ring area.

What i shared below is a piece of Rein Song nam that is in excellent condition. Original and unworn.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

LP Thuat Roon Sao har by Ajarn Nong, Wat sai kao 2536

Sharing my private collection of 2536 LP That rein Roon sao har. Almost one full set consists of 9 different materials. This was made in 2536 where Ajarn Nong was at his prime. Very limited quantity made and the workmanship of this batch is second to none.

Below is what i have shared:
Pure Gold coin: Only made 34 pieces. Guarantee champion in competition
Silver with gold mask: Only made 300 pieces
Silver with longya: Only made 694 pieces
Silver: Only made 1,373 pieces
Nawa with silver mask: Only made 1,016 pieces
Copper: 10,000 pieces

Price is very affordable of course except the pure gold piece :). But it is really worth to collect. The 2535 rein hua toh first batch from ajarn Nong already selling for 25,000 THB and above for normal piece. And for silver material, it is like 55,000 THB and above.

This batch made much less and more beautiful! But price not so steep.


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lp moon Amulets - Collection

Lp Moon from wat ban Jaan , srisaket is a monk very well respected n famous in Thai. His amulets are getting very very hot in bangkok that some pidta can cost up to SGD 6-7k. Made in 254x, not very old but i believe give it another few years, it will be just like lp toh, lp tim kind of category. So, collect now while you still can. In Singapore and hong kong, many dealers know this is very expensive pidta, but they seldom bring in cause collectors here only focus on lp tim, lp toh, lp pae and others. so, still need some time before it gets heated up after ppl start realising this.

Here are the reasons why i think it is worth to collect.
I. He is not a commercial monk. Very holy n focus on helping villagers n building schools.
Ii. All amulets very limited in quantity. Limited batches made with unique materials.
Iii. Many followers that focus on only lp moon. Die hard fans.
Iv. It is well loved by Thai business man. Proven effectiveness especially in wealth fetching.
V. Good design n easily accepted by collectors n users alike.

Enjoy my sharing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2536 lp thuat ajarn Nong Roon Sao Ha-2 certs

Sharing a very limited made nur ngern lpt ajarn nong, naka thong kum. Only 300 qty made. Super rare n hard to find in market. Roon sao ha. Come with silver plated white gold casing.

Enjoy! This eye candy..1st n 2nd placing certs in samakorm competition.

Friday, July 31, 2015

2535 ajarn nong lp thuat, mahasitichok - 1st placing

Sharing a champion piece of mahasitichok pim yai with jarn behind. Kammakan face.

Very collectable. N i m still trying to collect pim kamakan mahasitichok. Came across few years ago at ridiculous price. Now i know why, cause after that, i have nvr come across another piece at reasonable price.

Very rare n this batch has great comments from many collectors.

Mixed with 2497 materials n undergone great putthapisek.

Enjoy, this piece won 1st placing in last Sun big sanakorm cheangwattana competition.

Lp thuat, 2524 pim kamakan, wat changhai - 3rd placing

Sharing a mint condition 2524 pim kamakan in original temple box. No need to intro as 2524 is so popular with proven efficacy. Pim kamakan is the rarest among all pim n made only 2000 pieces. Probably left only few hundred pieces now after more than 30 years now.

Lp thuat ajarn nong 2535 first batch rein hua toh

Sharing a champion condition piece of ajarn nong rein hua toh nur thong daeng block thong kum.

Limited made less than 4000 pieces. More rare than block nowa.

This rein is very much favoured by many n price has surpass 2530 second batch rein hua toh from wat changhai.

The nawa version made only 1200 pieces n silver about 1500 pieces. Price is now close to 50,000 thb.

Enjoy. This piece just gt 1st placing in cheangwattana samakorm competition last sun.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wat pak num visit

Fortunate enough to meet wat pak num abbot. They are having ordain ceremony.