Sunday, August 23, 2015

Roop Muen Pum LP Phrom Pim Kao Kwang Lang tem 2516

Another masterpiece from LP Phrom, Wat Chong Kae. 2516

Sharing below is a room muen pump lp phrom, pim kao change lang tem. Highly sough after and many fakes in the market.

Piece below is in great condition and i got it one year ago from another seasoned LP Phrom collector.

Tips of verification:
1. Lump of flesh above left eyes
2. The Khun letter "wu" has shifted sharp pointed tip
3. 2 lines one after another at the strip of robe above left knee
4. Third thai consonant has a visible fine line
5. The khun letter "wu" on the right splat into 2 lines going up

Hope this helps. But nothing beats seeing the real piece and comparing with the tips or verification points as described by the book.

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