Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rein Song nam (LP Phrom - Wat Chong Kae)

How to Verify Rein Song nam of LP Phrom, Wat Chong Kae?

Rein Song nam is not the most popular or expensive that master produced but still there are lots of fake in the market. So, how to verify?

First some info on this rein. It is consider the last batch produced in April 2517. Lp Phrom passed away in Jan 2518. This rain undergone 8 days of consecration by LP Phrom himself, and when it was released for rent , it was sold out within an hour. LP Phrom already has wide and large pool of devotees after 2507 batches of amulets with lots of miracles experienced by the locals. So, it is not surprising but it is very unusual to have such high popularity by villagers back then. Not to mention that Wat Chong Kae is not so accessible like now. There is no clear tar road leading to the temple.

Quantity produced:
Thong Rakhang: 19 pieces
Stainless: 21 pieces
Copper: 3,300 pieces

Verification Tips (From books + own experience):
1. The base of the rein (in front) is tight and smooth.
2. Sharp tail in front letters
3. The number 5 has line of one other
4. The khom letter "mak" has broken line
5. The base behind is not smooth with trace marks above the khom letter "Wu"
6. Broken line at the frame of yant
7. The bottom right hand edge is not properly cut
8. The number "9" has a fat line
9. Water line fine marks between clothes lined the base
10. Sharp and clear line at the back frame of yant
11. Fine line marking at the area of external frame of rein near the rein ring area.

What i shared below is a piece of Rein Song nam that is in excellent condition. Original and unworn.

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