Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lp moon Amulets - Collection

Lp Moon from wat ban Jaan , srisaket is a monk very well respected n famous in Thai. His amulets are getting very very hot in bangkok that some pidta can cost up to SGD 6-7k. Made in 254x, not very old but i believe give it another few years, it will be just like lp toh, lp tim kind of category. So, collect now while you still can. In Singapore and hong kong, many dealers know this is very expensive pidta, but they seldom bring in cause collectors here only focus on lp tim, lp toh, lp pae and others. so, still need some time before it gets heated up after ppl start realising this.

Here are the reasons why i think it is worth to collect.
I. He is not a commercial monk. Very holy n focus on helping villagers n building schools.
Ii. All amulets very limited in quantity. Limited batches made with unique materials.
Iii. Many followers that focus on only lp moon. Die hard fans.
Iv. It is well loved by Thai business man. Proven effectiveness especially in wealth fetching.
V. Good design n easily accepted by collectors n users alike.

Enjoy my sharing.

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