Saturday, August 15, 2015

LP Thuat Roon Sao har by Ajarn Nong, Wat sai kao 2536

Sharing my private collection of 2536 LP That rein Roon sao har. Almost one full set consists of 9 different materials. This was made in 2536 where Ajarn Nong was at his prime. Very limited quantity made and the workmanship of this batch is second to none.

Below is what i have shared:
Pure Gold coin: Only made 34 pieces. Guarantee champion in competition
Silver with gold mask: Only made 300 pieces
Silver with longya: Only made 694 pieces
Silver: Only made 1,373 pieces
Nawa with silver mask: Only made 1,016 pieces
Copper: 10,000 pieces

Price is very affordable of course except the pure gold piece :). But it is really worth to collect. The 2535 rein hua toh first batch from ajarn Nong already selling for 25,000 THB and above for normal piece. And for silver material, it is like 55,000 THB and above.

This batch made much less and more beautiful! But price not so steep.


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