Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Busy month of Nov

What a busy year.... multiple task  n now i have to wear different hat...next year is a challenging year.....n with added responsibility, can i still find resource n time for my own business.? Questionable... hai...not much time fr my amulet hobby too..

Stress ar....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Somdej bangkhumprom 2509 pim ket bua tom (2nd placing)

Sharing a piece of somdej bangkhumprom 2509.

I have shared many pieces of bkp 09. Pim B, pim C, pim orkrut, pim chedi meehoo, janloy.

What i shared now is pim ket bua tom. What make it so special is its contents. It is loaded with fragments of old bkp powder. Can visibly seen with naked eyes. More than any pim i have.

Nowaday, a 1cm2 broken pieces of bkp somdej cost anything from 46k -60k thb depending on condition. So, this piece is really good n nice for collection.

This piece won a 2nd placing in nakhom pathom police cadet competition last week.


Phra wat kor chan lp sodh

Some friends n collector who are into wat paknum amulets but worried about wat pak num roon 1 n 3 prices

Some good news for you...

Wat paknum phra kong kwan made by lp sodh is among the most sacred n holiest phra you can get. When he was alive, Lp sodh had repeatedly said that he invited all deva to come to chant and made the phra together. And that one will achieve great success n enjoy great life if he meditates with this and observe the 5 buddhist precept.

And historical event shows that thousands of followers achieve great life indeed avoiding accidents n attracting prosperity.

But roon 1 price range > 150k thb easily for a bad condition piece n that even an average roon 3 costs >60k thb.

So, how to collect.??

I would like to share this piece then. Phra wat koh chan. 2495. Pim yai.This was made by lp inn (direct disciple of lp sodh) with roon 1/2 materials. It was made few year before roon 3 wpn with lp sodh chanting. It is as holy n as sacred as roon 1 wpn but at fraction of cost. Lp inn helps lp sodh made roon 1 phra kong kwang too back then.

Whats more every piece with hand jarn by lp inn. Unique n limited in qty.

Alsp lp sodh has made the phra with thamakay technique same as how he made roon 1. This technique summon spirits to protect the wearer. Thus, no question that this phra is as effective as roon 1.

Why this is worth to collect?
1. Same materials as roon 1 wpn. Can use as studying of wpn material.
2. Same holiness n sacred. Best for self wearing.
3. At fraction of wpn roon 1 cost.

Enjoy friends!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Somdej Pilant Prok poh (Deep mold)

Sharing another piece of Somdej Prok Poh made by Somdej Pilant of Wat Rakhang about 243x. This is a piece with better condition and clearer face features as compared to my previous 2 pieces.

Clear frame and unrepair. No touch up. Doo Ngai. Condition about 6.5-7/10.

For one to experience Somdej pilant, this is considered an entry piece at very affordable price. A top condition piece of deep mold can go up to 100k THB. But, it is hard to get. Even those featured in Pilant book, condition is only about 7-8/10. Refer to pictures..

As for history of Pilant and why it is very collectable, I will not elaborate more as I have described it many times in previous posts. Both my friends who are wearing Pilant can vouch for the efficacy of the Somdej. :). Most notably, career progresses much faster than expected and stronger mind to withstand adversity.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

2502 bang khumprom somdej lp lampoo

Sharing some old pieces of unworn somdej lampoo pim yai 2502. Very nice piece at unrepair condition. Mixed with broken fragments of old somdej bkp pieces when pagoda was broken into in 2500.

Good pieces to keep or wear.

Showing here are special lot with red yant behind. Chanted much longer , kept until 2519 before release to public.

Busy month-oct

2 projects bidding, business travel , preparation of business plan plus office shifting....plus my side business 2 marketing campaign....wow dunno how to survive this month....busy busy busy....

Wat prasart pim phra kru moon somdej 2506

Sharing a wat prasart 2506 pim phra kru moon. This pim was made popular by phra kru moon of wat suthat. It looks similar but not to be mixed up with phra kru moon 2495 somdej.

It is in above average condition with face still seen. Mixed with huge amount of old wrk powder and went through large consecration  ceremony as described in my previous posts. At very affordable price still. What else do u expect...


Friday, October 3, 2014

2503 lp tae khunphen 2nd batch

Roon sorng lp tae khun phen wat sam ngan. Very popular after roon raek such a big hit establishing lp tae big name as ghost king.

For 2nd batch, mix with old powder of first batch n special soil collected from 7 graveyard that possess super energy. L.p. tae khunphen is top 5 in Thailand ranking side by side as kp bangkrang n lp tim kppk.

This piece few years back someone told me temple still available. Actually those are remake batch. Not made in 2503. N not chant by lp tae of course.

If u notice, yant behind got very many fine lines. These are some marking one has to take note when renting.

This piece is in superb condition featured in lp tae book.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Somdej Pilant Pim Krop Keaw Yai (1st n 2nd certs)

So tied up with works n didnt have time to blog. :)

Today i want to share an excellent piece of somdej pilant pim krop keaw yai (glass shield).

This was made by somdej pilant n is one of the highly saught after pim made in early era. Rare n hard to find a real piece at such good condition. Almost can guarantee winning at least 3rd or 4th in every competition.

Many of u know that somdej pilant was direct disciple of somdej puttarjarn toh. He was also the abbot of wat rakhang after somdej toh. Later batches of somdej wat rakhang by somdej Toh were also co-chanted by pilant. So. No argument to say that wearing a somdej pilant is the same as wearing a somdej wrk.

The material is of bailan (burn scripture) n mix with 5 powders from somdej toh. This is easy to verify with aging signs n unique material formation of somdej pilant material. This adds a lot of value to this somdej. Other than pim sum prathu n pathom tesana, this the third most expensive. Haha!

1st placing in TOT competition last month n 2nd in today's competition (12 Oct) at Pantip organized by Samakorm.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Phra Phrom LP Doo Nur Pasom

Sharing another piece of LP Doo, Wat Saket popular phra phrom.

LP Doo is from the lineage of AC Heng and LP Si that made the most expensive phra phrom in Thailand. The ngern metal stamp cost 100,000 thai baht. This phra phrom made by lp doo, in 2522 is of great condition. With jarn written by lp doo clearly seen on surface of the back of amulet. Not all metal phra phrom have "mee" code on the side. without code it costs only 17000 baht. but this one has code. No code one are not made by lp Doo. But other temple pass to him for giving to devotees. This piece the code is deep n clear.

For nur pasom, the more yellow it is, means more brass and thus it will be more expensive. if more red, means more copper. thus price lower. if copper only, price only 25000 baht.Total phra phrom metal made 10,000 pieces. there are copper, mix (nur pasom) and brass. Copper cheaper and brass most expensive.


Bitec winning 14 sept 2014

Won 4 pieces out of 17. Out of 17, 9 are my own. The rest are friend's one.
1. Kring narai 2542 by ajarn nong wat saikao - champion
2. Pidta salapaddee by lp kassem -2nd
3. Lp thuat pert loke phong kamakan by lp doo- 3rd
4. Somdej pu - 4th

Photos of recent big competition attended -Bitec bangna competition by samakom 14 sept 2014

Huge crowd n one that is hard to forget as i submitted more than 10 n only 4 get placing.really difficult to win. Too many submission. Many of my friends tumpang me to compete but none get any placing. Hai...

Lesson learnt. If want cert, pick smaller scale samakom competition. If have super good condition or rare phra, then go for such big one. If not wasted all your money.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Krueng Rang No. 1 - Hun Payong

For the next 2 days, i am going to blog about Hun Pa Yong. For the longest time, i dare not touch this krueng rang as it looks really evil to me. It resembles those small doll used by black magician to cast spell on people. and even though hun payong starts making waves in Singapore, i dare not touch or collect.

Until recently, a collector whom i respected the most explain to me and also share with me his collection. i then realize it is different. I shall explain more the next post.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lp lampoo 2502 somdej bkp Pim prokpoh

Very nice piece of somdej bangkhum prom 2502 by lp lampoo,  in very good condition n visibly see fragments of old bkp powder.

With red jarn behind. Added to the value of this somdej.

My 4th piece of lampoo,  haha!

Lp doo 2510 wax somdej

My favourite amulet from my favourite luangpu.

Seldom seen such a nice piece. Somdej made of candle wax of chanting ceremony, sacred lp doo powder etc. Early batch Made about 2510.

Great looking!

Saraburi certs

All saraburi certs came in few days ago. 7 of them. Haha

My next trip probably 27 July at tharmasat university or 3rd Aug at nakon pathom.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Somdej wat rakhang 108 anniversary 2523

Time flies. I remember dad brought us to temple of wat rakhang many years ago n collected some amulets n I was just like few years old. Years later dad told me he rented some 108 n 118 from temple directly when it was launched n he also bought from dealer too. So, he got few pieces of Roy pee and 108 n 118..

Many years have passed n now these somdej are highly sought after. Especially Roy pee as it mixed with high content of old somdej toh powder n chanted by master monks of that era.

But, how many more left unnoticed in drawer or cupboard. After 1 generation, it is luck that I manage to find them. Next generation comes, I believe my son's will just think these are figurine of no value. Hai!

Showing here is 108 anniversary Pim A. The most expensive Pim of 108. Excellent top condition.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Roy pee somdej wat rakhang 2515

Sharing 4 pieces of my way rakhang somdej Roy pee (100 years anniversary of somdej buddhachantoh)  made in 2515. Mixed with high amount of old wat rakhang powder.

I have shared many Roy pee in my blog, but what I have not shared are the masterpiece of my collection.

Pim khaipla. For Roy pee,  there are 17 pims n price range from 10000 thb to 60000 thb depending on Pim. Pim khaipla is one of the principle mold Whete many ppl like cause it is all hand made n not many fake in market. As usual these pieces shared are standard materials n pim. This is what I like.

Also, what makes this so unique is that they are all featured in the Roypee bible (hard cover), page 146 n 147. It has been used as standard Pim to demonstrate to ppl how Pim khaipla yai looks like n the markings available.

Rare in market to find Pim khaipla yai at this condition.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ajarn nong 2514 silver takrut narai phang rope

Ajarn nong silver takrut narai phang rope. 2514.

This one is very hard to find. Especially the silver one. N old batch Now is rarely seen in the Market.

I have written about the story of ajarn nong n why this takrut is so unique. So, I won't repeat it here again.

Will send it for competition soon. Haha

2509 somdej bang khum prom Pim ok krut

Very nice piece of somdej bang khum prom 2509. Mixed with high amount of old bkp powder. Yellowish powder with slight green patches. Natural crack line..

This is Pim ok krut. Big chest mold.

This is my second piece of 09. :)