Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Somdej bangkhumprom 2509 pim ket bua tom (2nd placing)

Sharing a piece of somdej bangkhumprom 2509.

I have shared many pieces of bkp 09. Pim B, pim C, pim orkrut, pim chedi meehoo, janloy.

What i shared now is pim ket bua tom. What make it so special is its contents. It is loaded with fragments of old bkp powder. Can visibly seen with naked eyes. More than any pim i have.

Nowaday, a 1cm2 broken pieces of bkp somdej cost anything from 46k -60k thb depending on condition. So, this piece is really good n nice for collection.

This piece won a 2nd placing in nakhom pathom police cadet competition last week.


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