Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Phra wat kor chan lp sodh

Some friends n collector who are into wat paknum amulets but worried about wat pak num roon 1 n 3 prices

Some good news for you...

Wat paknum phra kong kwan made by lp sodh is among the most sacred n holiest phra you can get. When he was alive, Lp sodh had repeatedly said that he invited all deva to come to chant and made the phra together. And that one will achieve great success n enjoy great life if he meditates with this and observe the 5 buddhist precept.

And historical event shows that thousands of followers achieve great life indeed avoiding accidents n attracting prosperity.

But roon 1 price range > 150k thb easily for a bad condition piece n that even an average roon 3 costs >60k thb.

So, how to collect.??

I would like to share this piece then. Phra wat koh chan. 2495. Pim yai.This was made by lp inn (direct disciple of lp sodh) with roon 1/2 materials. It was made few year before roon 3 wpn with lp sodh chanting. It is as holy n as sacred as roon 1 wpn but at fraction of cost. Lp inn helps lp sodh made roon 1 phra kong kwang too back then.

Whats more every piece with hand jarn by lp inn. Unique n limited in qty.

Alsp lp sodh has made the phra with thamakay technique same as how he made roon 1. This technique summon spirits to protect the wearer. Thus, no question that this phra is as effective as roon 1.

Why this is worth to collect?
1. Same materials as roon 1 wpn. Can use as studying of wpn material.
2. Same holiness n sacred. Best for self wearing.
3. At fraction of wpn roon 1 cost.

Enjoy friends!

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