Monday, April 28, 2014

Pantip sorng 20 April 2557 competition

Big competition ceremony organized by samakorm . Crowded n full. Many submission. Ticket revenue 36 million thb. ..can u imagine the number of submission n participants?  Now u understand why they organise this so frequently.

Ok, this aside.

Submitted 10 pieces of amulets this round. Some to check authenticity n some want to get cert. I m really sad about the result. Even though all accepted. Meaning no fake.

I expect I got some cert for my lp tae khun phen n 2506 lpt wat prasart.  I submitted 2 pieces Lp tae first batch khun phen n yet none get any placing. Hai. seems many submission n the quality of submission is unexpected to me this round.

Anyway, result as follow:
1. 2524 lp thuat Pim phra rod Wat changhai nur wahn-  champion
2. 2505 lp thuat pim Naikum wat changhai,  but wahn., kamakan-  champion
3. 2542 kring narai ajarn nong, wat saikao - 3rd placing
4. 245x lp pu Somdej Pim khleng klom,  wat in. - 4th placing
5. 2514 lp thuat ajarn nong, wat saikao, nur wahn, hand mold - 4th placing

Lp tae first batch khun phen 2485 x2
2506 lp thuat wat prasart nur khao
2539 lp thuat taolit Wat changhai nur nawa
2524 lp thuat Pim yai way changhai nur wahn

All accepted n verified as real.

Think kp if have chance got to compete again but not many comp have l.p. tae kp category.  That's the problem.

Hai. ..

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Unknown Buddha of my sisters

These two unknown buddha are a gift to my twin sisters. From my dad. Not me. According to him, this were made by LP Phet of Pijit. Near temple of LP Ngern Wat Bang Klan.

It looks really old to me. The materials and design. Seems no one can confirm the origin now.

Amulets Collection Reflection

I read somewhere few days ago and i started to realize. I have the same dilemma too after years of amulets collecting.

I can classify source of my amulets into few categories.
1. Pass down from dad
2. Given by monk after donation as a form of blessing
3. Rent from another collector
4. Purchase from Thai Dealer to reward myself

I realise that what i usually wear are from no 2 category. Even now. i am wearing forest monk somdej and sivali. i can't even recall the name of monk gave to me..LP Phrom, may be.

I think what really matters is your own heart and also blessing from the monk. Amulet is a form of blessing given by the monk in olden days. it can be anything from chewed betal nut, a piece of cloth or anything. This blessing is important as it supports and encourage us when we face with difficulty or challenges in life.

And all my expensive amulets (Anything >40,000 THB i classify as expensive), i only buy and keep. May be once every few months will take it out to check. Why buy then??I also don't know. To show others that i have too? or as a form of investment like what i mentioned in my older post. I really don't know. Definitely not to pass down to my kids :)

Anyway, this is the way i shall continue i guess.

Amulets collection is a journey and it makes you reflect upon yourself and your behavior sometimes.


I joined few FB group recently to enlarge my circle of collectors friends. I am not and never active in FB. Only these few weeks. Spent so much time reading different posts. i realize few thing. Just to share.

1. I spent more than 2 hours daily in FB now reading and posting amulets related info. In toilet, before sleep, in bus/mrt, waiting for my food etc. I should have use the time to think of ways to meet my work target. or improve my own business.

2. 60-70% posted in FB are either butterfly, er ge fung or fox amulets. Not my cup of tea. Or new amulets just launched.

3. 80% of old amulets posted (except from a few big time dealer) are fake/remake/touch up. Especially 2497, 2505, 2508 LP Thuat. And many people are asking for prices still. Sigh....

4. People are asking for good and cheap amulets. Eg. Wanting to buy a nice lp pu somdej with cert at RM 1,000. or a LP Lampoo 2502 somdej at RM 800. Faint...

I realize why some collectors don't post their items in FB now. Even thai collector/dealer. Saw some of them reading without posting anything or comments on anything.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop by Ajarn Nong of Wat Sai kao 2514

Not sure if i should post this online. Reader that are familiar with this will know what i mean. Takrut narai plaeng roop made by Ajarn Nong is one of the most highly sought after item out of all Ajarn Nong phra. It has become trademark of Ajarn Nong 

Many legends and tales encountered by devotees encountering miracles and life saving instances with this takrut. Especially during the Vietnam war where soldiers who wears this takrut from Ajarn Nong all came home safely without one single exception. Many returned with tales of close escape from death and danger attributed to the magic of this takrut.

Back then, whenever Ajarn Nong handed out one of these Takruts, he would say ”This is for protection, if someone thinks of harming you, you, they will not be able to find you, and those who try to harm you, will encounter their own demise."
The Wicha Narai Plaeng Roop used in Ajarn Nongs Takruts is an Ancient Wicha, which is mentioned in the Damra Saiyasart as being a Wicha which has immense power, similar to a Narai (Dragon) transforming. That's why the name Narai Plaeng Roop. It contains a multitude of different blessings. To perform the spell properly, it is necessary to master the ‘Wicha Dtang Agarn 32′ and the ‘Wicha Riak Roop Riak Nam’, as is usual with all spells that use the image of a being, Himapant animal or Deity. But it is much more difficult to force and contain a magical image of Phra Narai (into takrut) using incantation, than it is to contain and subdue a lower Deity or Himapant animal. This is therefore the reason why there are hardly any Masters at all who can enforce this type of magical spell.
One thing to note: The takrut cannot be opened. When you shake the takrut, it has a "kring" sound. But once it is opened, the wicha will dissappear and it will not be effective after you close it. The "kring" sound will disappear magically.

2539 LP Thuat Wat Changhai, Pim Taolit, Roon Sang Rong Phayaban (Building Hospital)

Through out the years, i have collected quite a number of this LP Thuat Taolit. Both pim yai, pim lek and pim phra rod.

This is one of the batch that is really worth collecting as it has gone through a big consecration ceremony. My personal favourite Wat Changhai batch after 2530.

For Wat changhai LP thuat, other than those made by Ajarn Tim (2497-2511); 2524, 2530 and 2539 are the top three batches one should collect as many as possible. And of course, due to many factors, price of these batches are on the rise.

For this batch, gold and pink gold made 299 pieces respectively, silver and thongtip made 4999 respectively and nawa made 14999. There are also special one with nawa and red holy powder, as heard, this was made less than 100. Really difficult to find now.

One thing to note, many people asked me. Why the code stamped behind is on top and some at the bottom. Only code stamp on top is real? Some say lotus in front, there is a line and the ear must be lower than the eyes than consider real.

I have seen many pieces of 2539. Some considerations when renting of 2539 LPT taolit:
1. Code can be top or bottom. Code was stamped later. It can be top or bottom. and for special committee, they even stamp a few more. I have a thong tip with 3 codes.

2. All 4 line items (behind) need to be verified to ensure real or fake.Preferably clear and sharp and accurate. This is the single most important factor.

3. Face must be correct. Compare with a real piece and remember it. The features, robe lines.



LP Thuat 2530, Pim Hua Toh (大头仔)2nd Batch Wat Changhai

Sharing 2 pieces of 2530 made, LP Thuat, wat changhai, 2nd batch of rein hua toh. This batch was popularly known as  Pim Hua Toh (大头仔)due to the head of LP thuat. 

The first batch rein made by Wat changhai is this pim in 2500. It fetches a price of easily 300000 thb and above now. A super bad condition heavily worn out piece also cost 150k thb and above. So, this 2530 is much more affordable and gone though big consecration ceremony. 

First piece shared is block niyom (observed special line next to ear and body), Nur thong daeng rom brown. 
Second piece is pim kamakan. kalai thong (Copper coated with gold). This pim is even rarer than the niyom block.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pert loke - 2532 by LP Doo (Wat Sakae), Ayuthya

My 2nd and 3rd piece of LP Doo Pert loke. 2532. Details i won't describe much. Refer to initial post of LP Doo Pert loke.

These two pieces the skin and condition are even better than my 1st piece. champion of the champions. :)