Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I joined few FB group recently to enlarge my circle of collectors friends. I am not and never active in FB. Only these few weeks. Spent so much time reading different posts. i realize few thing. Just to share.

1. I spent more than 2 hours daily in FB now reading and posting amulets related info. In toilet, before sleep, in bus/mrt, waiting for my food etc. I should have use the time to think of ways to meet my work target. or improve my own business.

2. 60-70% posted in FB are either butterfly, er ge fung or fox amulets. Not my cup of tea. Or new amulets just launched.

3. 80% of old amulets posted (except from a few big time dealer) are fake/remake/touch up. Especially 2497, 2505, 2508 LP Thuat. And many people are asking for prices still. Sigh....

4. People are asking for good and cheap amulets. Eg. Wanting to buy a nice lp pu somdej with cert at RM 1,000. or a LP Lampoo 2502 somdej at RM 800. Faint...

I realize why some collectors don't post their items in FB now. Even thai collector/dealer. Saw some of them reading without posting anything or comments on anything.

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