Thursday, April 10, 2014

Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop by Ajarn Nong of Wat Sai kao 2514

Not sure if i should post this online. Reader that are familiar with this will know what i mean. Takrut narai plaeng roop made by Ajarn Nong is one of the most highly sought after item out of all Ajarn Nong phra. It has become trademark of Ajarn Nong 

Many legends and tales encountered by devotees encountering miracles and life saving instances with this takrut. Especially during the Vietnam war where soldiers who wears this takrut from Ajarn Nong all came home safely without one single exception. Many returned with tales of close escape from death and danger attributed to the magic of this takrut.

Back then, whenever Ajarn Nong handed out one of these Takruts, he would say ”This is for protection, if someone thinks of harming you, you, they will not be able to find you, and those who try to harm you, will encounter their own demise."
The Wicha Narai Plaeng Roop used in Ajarn Nongs Takruts is an Ancient Wicha, which is mentioned in the Damra Saiyasart as being a Wicha which has immense power, similar to a Narai (Dragon) transforming. That's why the name Narai Plaeng Roop. It contains a multitude of different blessings. To perform the spell properly, it is necessary to master the ‘Wicha Dtang Agarn 32′ and the ‘Wicha Riak Roop Riak Nam’, as is usual with all spells that use the image of a being, Himapant animal or Deity. But it is much more difficult to force and contain a magical image of Phra Narai (into takrut) using incantation, than it is to contain and subdue a lower Deity or Himapant animal. This is therefore the reason why there are hardly any Masters at all who can enforce this type of magical spell.
One thing to note: The takrut cannot be opened. When you shake the takrut, it has a "kring" sound. But once it is opened, the wicha will dissappear and it will not be effective after you close it. The "kring" sound will disappear magically.

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