Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Amulets Collection Reflection

I read somewhere few days ago and i started to realize. I have the same dilemma too after years of amulets collecting.

I can classify source of my amulets into few categories.
1. Pass down from dad
2. Given by monk after donation as a form of blessing
3. Rent from another collector
4. Purchase from Thai Dealer to reward myself

I realise that what i usually wear are from no 2 category. Even now. i am wearing forest monk somdej and sivali. i can't even recall the name of monk gave to me..LP Phrom, may be.

I think what really matters is your own heart and also blessing from the monk. Amulet is a form of blessing given by the monk in olden days. it can be anything from chewed betal nut, a piece of cloth or anything. This blessing is important as it supports and encourage us when we face with difficulty or challenges in life.

And all my expensive amulets (Anything >40,000 THB i classify as expensive), i only buy and keep. May be once every few months will take it out to check. Why buy then??I also don't know. To show others that i have too? or as a form of investment like what i mentioned in my older post. I really don't know. Definitely not to pass down to my kids :)

Anyway, this is the way i shall continue i guess.

Amulets collection is a journey and it makes you reflect upon yourself and your behavior sometimes.

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