Monday, April 28, 2014

Pantip sorng 20 April 2557 competition

Big competition ceremony organized by samakorm . Crowded n full. Many submission. Ticket revenue 36 million thb. ..can u imagine the number of submission n participants?  Now u understand why they organise this so frequently.

Ok, this aside.

Submitted 10 pieces of amulets this round. Some to check authenticity n some want to get cert. I m really sad about the result. Even though all accepted. Meaning no fake.

I expect I got some cert for my lp tae khun phen n 2506 lpt wat prasart.  I submitted 2 pieces Lp tae first batch khun phen n yet none get any placing. Hai. seems many submission n the quality of submission is unexpected to me this round.

Anyway, result as follow:
1. 2524 lp thuat Pim phra rod Wat changhai nur wahn-  champion
2. 2505 lp thuat pim Naikum wat changhai,  but wahn., kamakan-  champion
3. 2542 kring narai ajarn nong, wat saikao - 3rd placing
4. 245x lp pu Somdej Pim khleng klom,  wat in. - 4th placing
5. 2514 lp thuat ajarn nong, wat saikao, nur wahn, hand mold - 4th placing

Lp tae first batch khun phen 2485 x2
2506 lp thuat wat prasart nur khao
2539 lp thuat taolit Wat changhai nur nawa
2524 lp thuat Pim yai way changhai nur wahn

All accepted n verified as real.

Think kp if have chance got to compete again but not many comp have l.p. tae kp category.  That's the problem.

Hai. ..

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