Thursday, April 10, 2014

LP Thuat 2530, Pim Hua Toh (大头仔)2nd Batch Wat Changhai

Sharing 2 pieces of 2530 made, LP Thuat, wat changhai, 2nd batch of rein hua toh. This batch was popularly known as  Pim Hua Toh (大头仔)due to the head of LP thuat. 

The first batch rein made by Wat changhai is this pim in 2500. It fetches a price of easily 300000 thb and above now. A super bad condition heavily worn out piece also cost 150k thb and above. So, this 2530 is much more affordable and gone though big consecration ceremony. 

First piece shared is block niyom (observed special line next to ear and body), Nur thong daeng rom brown. 
Second piece is pim kamakan. kalai thong (Copper coated with gold). This pim is even rarer than the niyom block.


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