Thursday, September 25, 2014

Somdej Pilant Pim Krop Keaw Yai (1st n 2nd certs)

So tied up with works n didnt have time to blog. :)

Today i want to share an excellent piece of somdej pilant pim krop keaw yai (glass shield).

This was made by somdej pilant n is one of the highly saught after pim made in early era. Rare n hard to find a real piece at such good condition. Almost can guarantee winning at least 3rd or 4th in every competition.

Many of u know that somdej pilant was direct disciple of somdej puttarjarn toh. He was also the abbot of wat rakhang after somdej toh. Later batches of somdej wat rakhang by somdej Toh were also co-chanted by pilant. So. No argument to say that wearing a somdej pilant is the same as wearing a somdej wrk.

The material is of bailan (burn scripture) n mix with 5 powders from somdej toh. This is easy to verify with aging signs n unique material formation of somdej pilant material. This adds a lot of value to this somdej. Other than pim sum prathu n pathom tesana, this the third most expensive. Haha!

1st placing in TOT competition last month n 2nd in today's competition (12 Oct) at Pantip organized by Samakorm.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Phra Phrom LP Doo Nur Pasom

Sharing another piece of LP Doo, Wat Saket popular phra phrom.

LP Doo is from the lineage of AC Heng and LP Si that made the most expensive phra phrom in Thailand. The ngern metal stamp cost 100,000 thai baht. This phra phrom made by lp doo, in 2522 is of great condition. With jarn written by lp doo clearly seen on surface of the back of amulet. Not all metal phra phrom have "mee" code on the side. without code it costs only 17000 baht. but this one has code. No code one are not made by lp Doo. But other temple pass to him for giving to devotees. This piece the code is deep n clear.

For nur pasom, the more yellow it is, means more brass and thus it will be more expensive. if more red, means more copper. thus price lower. if copper only, price only 25000 baht.Total phra phrom metal made 10,000 pieces. there are copper, mix (nur pasom) and brass. Copper cheaper and brass most expensive.


Bitec winning 14 sept 2014

Won 4 pieces out of 17. Out of 17, 9 are my own. The rest are friend's one.
1. Kring narai 2542 by ajarn nong wat saikao - champion
2. Pidta salapaddee by lp kassem -2nd
3. Lp thuat pert loke phong kamakan by lp doo- 3rd
4. Somdej pu - 4th

Photos of recent big competition attended -Bitec bangna competition by samakom 14 sept 2014

Huge crowd n one that is hard to forget as i submitted more than 10 n only 4 get placing.really difficult to win. Too many submission. Many of my friends tumpang me to compete but none get any placing. Hai...

Lesson learnt. If want cert, pick smaller scale samakom competition. If have super good condition or rare phra, then go for such big one. If not wasted all your money.