Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Somdej Phra Kru Moon, Pim Mee Na Ta, 2495 (Rectangle)

Sharing this piece of rarely seen Somdej Phra Kru Moon, issued by Wat Suthat on 2495.

Phra Kru Moon is a highly respected monk in the past with very high meditation power. He has collected lots of Somdej Toh powder and get passed on from Sankaraj Pae, Wat suthat as well.

This piece is mixed with lots of Somdej Toh powder/fragments and other holy dried plants of herbs and hemps that Phra Kru Moon had been keeping for long time.

Note that there is a Phra kru moon pattern of somdej issued by Wat Prasat 2506 too in my earlier post. They look similar but definitely not the same.


LP Thuat Pert Loke, LP Doo, 2532, thong daeng

Sharing my favourite piece of LP Thuat Rian made by LP Doo on 2532. One year before the master passed away. It is one of the most well known LP thuat made by LP Doo, widely known as "pert loke" means open the world.

A sacred rian with the portrait of Luang Phor Thuad embossed on the front side and name of Luang Poo Doo of Wat Sa-kae on back, together with the Thai number identified B.E.2532.

The followers of Luang Poo Doo revealed that Luang Poo Doo told them that while he was reciting the sacred spells to create the Rian Perdloke his mind could touch a miracle light that had penetrated into the three worlds (Heaven, hell and world of human being). This explains why it is called "open the world".

Hope one day i can have the nur takua and nur silver as well. But silver rian is worth 250,000 THB now an gold one can go up to 1 million THB.


2522, Phra phrom, LP Doo, Nur pasom (mix brass and copper)

Sharing another piece of LP Doo, Wat Saket popular phra phrom.

LP Doo is from the lineage of AC Heng and LP Si that made the most expensive phra phrom in Thailand. The ngern metal stamp cost 100,000 thai baht. This phra phrom made by lp doo, in 2522 is of top condition. With jarn written by lp doo clearly seen on surface of the back of amulet. Not all metal phra phrom have "mee" code on the side. without code it costs only 15000 baht. but this one has code. No code one are not made by lp Doo. But other temple pass to him for giving to devotees.

For nur pasom, the more yellow it is, means more brass and thus it will be more expensive. if more red, means more copper. thus price lower. if copper only, price only 25000 baht.Total phra phrom metal made 10,000 pieces. there are copper, mix (nur pasom) and brass. Copper cheaper and brass most expensive.

This piece was wrapped with nice, thick gold. The gold case was made from famous goldshop in Supanburi (Boonlert); well known for workmanship and gold quality.


LP Doo (Wat Saket) Phra Phrom Nur Phong

Sharing this piece of nice LP Doo Phra Phrom Nur Phong. Make from powder and secred powder mixed together in 2519.

The original intention of making Phra Phrom nur phong is really for LP Doo's disciple or followers. It is not for sale. LP Doo gave to his students who meditate with him. Many people then make use of LP Doo's amulet especially powder type to put in their hand while meditation .This helps them to progress further, calm their mind and help them to concentrate while meditating.
There is also a story why LP Doo make this style of phra phrom with a buddha on top of the head.

Buddha wanted to teach Phra Phrom a lesson. He hide himself in Phra Phrom hair. Phra Phrom cannot find buddha even he use all his power. Buddha asked him to just look within himself and eventually he found buddha hiding in his hair. This story is repeated printed and told in many important buddhist scripture/book. LP Doo's student use this amulet for Buddhanusati (always think about buddha and his teaching) they put in their hand and pray.

The one shown above is of good quality and it is rarely found one in the market with many dharma-tarts on surface So much so that the face features can't be seen clearly. But it is really nice to see this under scope. and the back of the amulet resembles other powder type amulets made by LP Doo. So, it is "Doo ngai ngai" :)


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Phra Kry Moon, Wat Suthat, Somdej Pim mee Nha Ta

Sharing another piece of Phra kru moon Somdej. I have shown pim Mee Nha Ta (rectangle) few months ago. This piece is the sam lian (triangle) version. The face features are nice and look very soothing for wearer.


Phra Kru Moon Wat Su that

Sharing this piece of rare collection of mine. Somdej made by phra kru Moon has gained much popularity nowadays surpassing Somdej Pao in terms of price.

Why is this amulet so much sought after by collectors? Reasons being:

i. High concentration of old somdej Wat Rakhang powder and fragments were mixed to make somdej by Phra Kru Moon. He collected this old powder for long time and also get passed down from Samkaraj Pae.

ii. Apart from old somdej Wat rakhang powder, he also mixed it with lots of rare herbs and powder that he collected through out his monkhood.

iii. Phra Kru Moon himself is a highly respected and powerful monk. He has high meditation power and amulets made by him are proven efficacious in various aspects; career advancement, metta, protection.

The above pim is one of the most expensive and sought after pim. Pim Ket Bua Toom.