Thursday, August 23, 2012

Phra Kru Moon Wat Su that

Sharing this piece of rare collection of mine. Somdej made by phra kru Moon has gained much popularity nowadays surpassing Somdej Pao in terms of price.

Why is this amulet so much sought after by collectors? Reasons being:

i. High concentration of old somdej Wat Rakhang powder and fragments were mixed to make somdej by Phra Kru Moon. He collected this old powder for long time and also get passed down from Samkaraj Pae.

ii. Apart from old somdej Wat rakhang powder, he also mixed it with lots of rare herbs and powder that he collected through out his monkhood.

iii. Phra Kru Moon himself is a highly respected and powerful monk. He has high meditation power and amulets made by him are proven efficacious in various aspects; career advancement, metta, protection.

The above pim is one of the most expensive and sought after pim. Pim Ket Bua Toom.


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