Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LP Doo (Wat Saket) Phra Phrom Nur Phong

Sharing this piece of nice LP Doo Phra Phrom Nur Phong. Make from powder and secred powder mixed together in 2519.

The original intention of making Phra Phrom nur phong is really for LP Doo's disciple or followers. It is not for sale. LP Doo gave to his students who meditate with him. Many people then make use of LP Doo's amulet especially powder type to put in their hand while meditation .This helps them to progress further, calm their mind and help them to concentrate while meditating.
There is also a story why LP Doo make this style of phra phrom with a buddha on top of the head.

Buddha wanted to teach Phra Phrom a lesson. He hide himself in Phra Phrom hair. Phra Phrom cannot find buddha even he use all his power. Buddha asked him to just look within himself and eventually he found buddha hiding in his hair. This story is repeated printed and told in many important buddhist scripture/book. LP Doo's student use this amulet for Buddhanusati (always think about buddha and his teaching) they put in their hand and pray.

The one shown above is of good quality and it is rarely found one in the market with many dharma-tarts on surface So much so that the face features can't be seen clearly. But it is really nice to see this under scope. and the back of the amulet resembles other powder type amulets made by LP Doo. So, it is "Doo ngai ngai" :)


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