Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another trade with my wat paknum roon 1

Yesterday traded my wat paknum first batch with this Rolex.

This is explorer 2, 216570, 42mm Rolex with a list price of $10,600 at THG. 9 months old watch.

Trade value S$8k plus.

Worth? Haha...I have been aiming this Rolex for a ling time.

Anyone with nice watches and want to trade with my amulet,please drop me a msg. :)

Addicted to two very expensive hobbies now.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Somdej bangkhum prom 2502 lp lampoo

Sharing this nice piece of somdej bangkhum prom 2502.

Made by lp lampoo,  the wat bang khum prom abbot then.in 2502.

Mixed with huge amount of broken pieces of bang khum prom fragments and powder.

In 2500, old chedi was broken into by thief. Many old somdej was stolen. Left behind many broken pieces somdej thief left behind. Lp lampoo collected many of these n in 2502 made this batch. This batch was kept in a jar n buried under the tree in front of lp lampoo kuti. In 2519, this batch was dug out, stamped with temple red ink chop and put back to the old chedi. Only after 2541, it was removed from chedi and released to public.

There are two types. Dry n wet. The wet one was due to soaking in water n dries up over the year. Thereby forming a skin like surface like moon crater under close magnification. This is one important factor to see when buying lampoo somdej.

The one shown here is pim yai. There are three. Expensive pim according to lp lampoo book. Pim ket talusum, pim song jedi meehoo and pim yai. Cheapest is pim prokpoh. Of course prices depends greatly on condition of amulets.

And i have another piece without red ink (yant daeng) behind. Price 20% lower..

Prices have steadily increased over the years. Few reasons.

1. Mixed with huge amount of broken old bkp fragments n powder.good replacement of the multi million baht old bkp somdej.

2. Made by lp lampoo who is disciple of l.p. poo, lp parn n l.p. Aee. Very powerful monks n their amulets are all at very high price now.

3. Proven efficacy on Metta and business success.


Lp tae first batch khumphen- 2485

Just shared the second batch. Now the first batch.

Have been wearing for few days now. Feel good. Forget why I stop wearing this last time. There was once I used to wear it daily for like a year.

This is khunphen of lp tae.  First batch. Same material as his famous kuman thong now 250k thb up.

Very good for luck, career, Metta,  business and protection. All rounder...

First batch got three type. The most expensive one with kuman below cost more than 120000 thb. Second most expensive is the black colour one as shown. N lastly red colour type with darker shade of clay colour as compared with the second batch.

Enjoy!  Really need business luck this year....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lp tae khun phen - second batch 2503

Lp tae,  wat Sam ngan I think no need to introduce.  Too famous since many years ago. I heard of his big name when I wad a primary school kid.

He is the father of kuman thong. The first to use phong plaikuman in the making of kumanthong and khun phen. N his takrut is also ranked among the top 5 in Thai consistently.

I have written a bio about this great n compassion master. Refer to that fir details.

Today after some cleaning, notice I have not post and share about these great piece. So...

This one shown is his second batch khumphen made in early 2500. It was baked clay mixed with soil from 7 graveyard, 7 garden and 7 holy places. Also mixed with large amount of phong plai kuman.

Someone ask me if this is considered a barang. I would say depends on your definition. To me, the material used doesn't define amulet to be barang. Rather the way it was made and the cause of making it. For l.p. tae khumphen or kumanthong, the way it was made is different from barang nowadays and the main purpose is really to help the soul to gather merit by helping ppl n thereby get reincarnated faster n better. Very similar way as what l.p. tim of wat lahanrai did.

Thete are two colours shown. The red one is quite easily found. 40,000 made. N the black colour one is really rare. May b 100 made. I have not seen another black one after mine. So, price also different.

Why this is good for collectors:
1. Made by father of kumanthong. L.p. tae khunphen is ranked top 5 khunphen in Thailand in the same league as bang krang and lp Tim.

2. L.p. tae kuman now fetch 5 figure easily in sgd.  His takrut also cost more than s$2k easily. N this 2nd batch is only couple of hundreds. Very affordable n value for money.

3. It was mixed with phong plai kuman.  The next kp mixed with plaikuman in the same league cost 5 figures now in SGD.

Enjoy..I have yet to find out where did I keep his takrut. Will share once I find it.

First batch Pidta-l.p. doo wat sakae (2nd placing)

Sharing a piece of pidta made / casted by lp doo of wat sakae.

Brass material, 2526, kun klanid pidta yant yong.

L.p. doo is famous for his phra phrom, pert loke lp thuat and mahasedtee rein. But not many know that his pidta yantyong is equally good.

Both for wearing or collection. Why?

1. Very limited made. Some say 80, some say 90. But confirm made less than 100. For brass material. There are other material such as nawa,  measure etc. Those have more quantity n price cheaper by half.

2. This pidta made with wax casting method. Follow olden days method of how pidta was made in wat nang (l.p. eam) and wat thong (l.p. tub). Both of these are top 5 pidta in Thai worth million now (certain Pim).

3. All hand made. No two piece Similar. Unique n very cute looking especially for braas material version.

So, what do you think...?

Btw, this piece got a second placing or 1st cant remember in an amulet competition last dec.