Thursday, February 20, 2014

First batch Pidta-l.p. doo wat sakae (2nd placing)

Sharing a piece of pidta made / casted by lp doo of wat sakae.

Brass material, 2526, kun klanid pidta yant yong.

L.p. doo is famous for his phra phrom, pert loke lp thuat and mahasedtee rein. But not many know that his pidta yantyong is equally good.

Both for wearing or collection. Why?

1. Very limited made. Some say 80, some say 90. But confirm made less than 100. For brass material. There are other material such as nawa,  measure etc. Those have more quantity n price cheaper by half.

2. This pidta made with wax casting method. Follow olden days method of how pidta was made in wat nang (l.p. eam) and wat thong (l.p. tub). Both of these are top 5 pidta in Thai worth million now (certain Pim).

3. All hand made. No two piece Similar. Unique n very cute looking especially for braas material version.

So, what do you think...?

Btw, this piece got a second placing or 1st cant remember in an amulet competition last dec.

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