Friday, February 21, 2014

Somdej bangkhum prom 2502 lp lampoo

Sharing this nice piece of somdej bangkhum prom 2502.

Made by lp lampoo,  the wat bang khum prom abbot 2502.

Mixed with huge amount of broken pieces of bang khum prom fragments and powder.

In 2500, old chedi was broken into by thief. Many old somdej was stolen. Left behind many broken pieces somdej thief left behind. Lp lampoo collected many of these n in 2502 made this batch. This batch was kept in a jar n buried under the tree in front of lp lampoo kuti. In 2519, this batch was dug out, stamped with temple red ink chop and put back to the old chedi. Only after 2541, it was removed from chedi and released to public.

There are two types. Dry n wet. The wet one was due to soaking in water n dries up over the year. Thereby forming a skin like surface like moon crater under close magnification. This is one important factor to see when buying lampoo somdej.

The one shown here is pim yai. There are three. Expensive pim according to lp lampoo book. Pim ket talusum, pim song jedi meehoo and pim yai. Cheapest is pim prokpoh. Of course prices depends greatly on condition of amulets.

And i have another piece without red ink (yant daeng) behind. Price 20% lower..

Prices have steadily increased over the years. Few reasons.

1. Mixed with huge amount of broken old bkp fragments n powder.good replacement of the multi million baht old bkp somdej.

2. Made by lp lampoo who is disciple of l.p. poo, lp parn n l.p. Aee. Very powerful monks n their amulets are all at very high price now.

3. Proven efficacy on Metta and business success.


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