Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Types of Wat Pak Num Amulets

The most popular of wat Paknum amulet is his "Gift Buddha".

Roon 1 (Class 1):
Made in 2493 with sacred powder in rectangular shape, size 1.4cm wide, 2cm long and 0.5cm thick.
Front: Buddha image in sitting posture under bower. Both sides have stripe pattern.
Back: With letters :Dhamma-kun"
Surface: No lacquer coating

This batch of amulet underwent incantation for 3 months using the "Dharma-kai" path. LP Sodh invited all deva to come along with the incantation. After the incantation, LP Sodh said this was "the most powerful and sacred amulet ever created for the first time in the world". Villagers can see bright light of the temple from miles away.

Back then, whoever donated 25 thb, get a piece of this. That's why it is known as "gift amulet". Many donated 1000, 5000 THB, but only received 1 piece. And each donor got to come himself to get it directly from LP Sodh. And for each pieces given out, LP Sodh blessed the donor and said "These Buddhist amulet must be carefully kept so that when problems and obstacles arose, they can turn to this amulet for help". This turned out to be true as it has helps thousands in many way eventually.

Roon 2 (Class 1):
Made in 2494 with the same materials and mold of roon 1. Except that this batch was coated with lacquer. In amulets collection world, we combined these 2493 and 2494 batch and called them roon 1 (first batch). Nowadays, those with lacquer coating cost higher than normal assuming the two with similar condition.

Roon 3:
Made in 2499. Mold was slightly smaller than roon 1. Consist of mainly 2 molds. Deep and shallow mold. and 9 pims. Pim were similar as Roon 1. Thus, to differentiate the two batches, got to look at the materials. The materials used are very different.

Roon 4 is not made by LP sodh. It was made with mixture of broken pieces of roon 1 and 3 by disciples. and yet still exhibit miraculous power. Refer to my sharing on my mum's accident happened many years ago,

Other LP sodh made amulets:
1. 2500, roon 1 rein
2. Ta wai pata harn rein (2501)
3. LP sodh locket 2498 (roon 1)

Somdej Pilant (Wat Rakhang) Biography


Pilant was chief abbot of Wat Rakhang in B.E 2413. Somdej Putajarn Toh was 84 years old then. Too old to serve as abbot he felt. Thus he passed over his reign to Pilant who was then already a great disciple to Somdej toh.

Somdej Toh taught him the secret method of making the 5 great holy powders, the way of making somdej just like how Sankaraj sook taught him last time. and in many occasions, Somdej pilant made his somdej with the help of Somdej toh. Together both masters chanted and joint force to make the amulets which are now very rare.

Pilant made his somdej with burn bai lan (palm leafs with written of spiritual scripts and katha) and also blended with 5 type of holy powder passed down by Somdej Toh. Thus, usually Somdej pilant is greyish in colour. and since many of them are kept in chedi for long period of time (follow path of Buddha), many of them with crack surface and stain due to the humid environment.

Many devotees vouch for Somdej pilan amulets for its super natural power, ability to increase metta, dangers avoidance and prosperity.

Various Pims Available:
1. Sumb Pra Toh (most popular and most expensive)
2. Mokkala- Saributh pim
3. Prok Poh yai, prok poh lek
4. Krob Kaew Yai, Krob Kaew lek
5. Pael Plearng Yai, Pael plearng Lej

Luang Pu Poo (LP Poo) of Wat Inn - Disciple of Somdej Puttajarn Toh (Wat Rakhang)


LP POO was born in B.E. 2373 at Tak Province. At the age of 6, he was ordained as novice ar Ta Koy Temple. Later on, he moved on to Wat inn (formerly known as Wat Bang khum prom)

He studied meditation and incantation under Somdej Putarjarn Toh of Wat rakhang. He was considered one of the most popular and favourite students of Somdej Toh. On several occasions, they went on tudong and pilgrimage to various places.

In the village, there was a story  with many eye witness of villagers that LP Pu went into a pond to take a bath due to the hot temperature. At that moment, villagers shouted at him as the pond was known with a big and fierce crocodile. The crocodile killed many people before. LP Pu ignored their warning, and went straight on. True enough, the crocodile came and instead of hurting Lp Pu, it used its jaw to rub against his body 3 times on each sides and swam away peacefully. LP Pu was chanting incantation. Villagers were shocked to witness this and from then on looked for LP Pu when they had any problem.

Why LP Pu was famous among seasoned collectors?
1. LP Pu was the most favourite student of Somdej Toh and had learned incantation directly from the master
2. Very strong psychic power and charisma, respected by many devotees.
3. His amulets contained mixture of all 5 types of sacred powder obtained from Somdej Toh (Wat Rakhang)
4. His amulets are well known for ncreasing charm, loving kindness, escaping from dangers and  prosperity.

Various Forms of amulets by LP Pu:
1. Sae Yit Khen Hark Sok (Bend Arm pim - Most popular and expensive pim)
2. Sae Yit Khen Klom (Round arms pim)
3. 8 chan khen hark sok, 8 chan khen klom
4. 7 chan mee hoo (7 bases with long ear)
5. Sam lian phra pidta (Triangle pidta)
6. Pentagonal samadith pim, sangkacai pim etc



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Somdej pilant n wat paknum roon 3-1st Placing

Sharing a piece of somdej pilant n wat paknum roon 3 that got 1st placing from Sunday competition organized by samakorm at kampangpet ptovince.

Pliant Is a direct disciple of somdej puttarjarn toh of wat Rakhang and he is the chief abbot of wat Rakhang too after somdej toh in 243x. His somdej was made mostly with bailan n mixed with huge amount of Somdej Toh's powder.

The one shared is pim prok poh deep mold. The most expensive prok poh pim of all. A good piece at good condition will cost 80-120,000 thb. I have shown a nice piece as in book of pilant.

I am going to wear it n share my experience in the next couple of weeks.:)

Wat pak num roon 3 was made by lp Sodh. This one shared is shallow mold 5th pim; named soom ban.
A highly collectable piece as wat pak num roon 1 n roon 3 are in huge demand always. Supply is kind of limited. Price had been increasing sharply for the past few years. While demand n supply might be one factor to consider. Lp sodh once said owning a piece of this is sufficient for anyone as he invited all deva during the chanting n consecration ceremony. And during that time, as the reputation of amulet built up, many rich people donated a lot of money hoping to get more than 1 piece, but still LP Sodh gave them only a piece per person.

Plenty of testimonial available on this piece. Protection, metta, business luck etc. Read my mum experience in my earlier sharing with wat paknum roon 4.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Samakorm competition at kampangpet - 17 Nov

An amulet competition organised by samakorn (thai buddhist amulets admiration association) at kangpangpet province. Far from bkk. Not as many people as the one last month I attended

Wat paknam roon 3, nur phong, shallow mold, 5th pim - 1st placing

Somdej pilant prok poh deep mold - 1st placing


Friday, November 15, 2013

LP Pu, Wat Inn, Somdej Nur Phong, Pim Taan Koo Khen Klom - 1st placing samakorm


Sharing my third piece of LP Pu, Wat Inn, Somdej Nur Phong.

There are 4 pim of Taan Koo pattern (i.e. Khen Keap, Khen Kwang, Khen Hak Sork, Khen Klom). Most popular is pim Taan Koo Khen keap (narrow arm) and in term of rare ness, it is pim khen klom (round arm).

The most popular pim for taan koo cost >100,000 thb.

The one shown above is Pim Taan koo khen klom. Round arm pim already considered rare according to the lp Pu Red book. Furthermore, the somdej i have, has special mystical symbol behind. According to the book, one in thousands of lp pu somdej has symbols behind the phra. So, this piece shown is double rareness.

I am fortunate enough to meet Mr. Sama Klong Sam, the judge for nur phong niyom and banjapakee. He personally verified this piece for me in Saraburi Samakorm competition.

LP Pu is one of the only 2 disciples of Somdej Puttajarn Toh. Real and recorded in book of Wat Rakhang. Others like Ajarn Pa, LP Nak, LP Hin are all not disciples of Somdej Toh and has not learn from Somdej Toh before. He was the chief abbot of Wat Inn or Wat Bang kum prom during. Years ago, they were the same.

The other one is Somdej Pilant who took over Somdej Putarjarn Toh as abbot of Wat Rakhang after Somdej Toh passed away. Both are still very much affordable as compared to Somdej made by Putarjarn Toh, Wat Rakhang.

In terms of material, huge amount of Somdej Toh powder were mixed to made this somdej. Hence, the material looks very much alike. Furthermore, this somdej is already close to 100 years ago. Thus, the texture, dryness etc looks alike. On the other hand, they are direct disciple of Somdej Toh.

Thus, the closest replacement of Somdej Toh amulet are undeniably those phra made by either LP Pu or Pilant.

LP Pu was born in 2372 and passed away in 2476. He was 104 years old and had been a monk for 84 years. A very well respected monk during the olden days as he was from royal family of Thai Prime Minister equivalent back then.