Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Somdej pilant n wat paknum roon 3-1st Placing

Sharing a piece of somdej pilant n wat paknum roon 3 that got 1st placing from Sunday competition organized by samakorm at kampangpet ptovince.

Pliant Is a direct disciple of somdej puttarjarn toh of wat Rakhang and he is the chief abbot of wat Rakhang too after somdej toh in 243x. His somdej was made mostly with bailan n mixed with huge amount of Somdej Toh's powder.

The one shared is pim prok poh deep mold. The most expensive prok poh pim of all. A good piece at good condition will cost 80-120,000 thb. I have shown a nice piece as in book of pilant.

I am going to wear it n share my experience in the next couple of weeks.:)

Wat pak num roon 3 was made by lp Sodh. This one shared is shallow mold 5th pim; named soom ban.
A highly collectable piece as wat pak num roon 1 n roon 3 are in huge demand always. Supply is kind of limited. Price had been increasing sharply for the past few years. While demand n supply might be one factor to consider. Lp sodh once said owning a piece of this is sufficient for anyone as he invited all deva during the chanting n consecration ceremony. And during that time, as the reputation of amulet built up, many rich people donated a lot of money hoping to get more than 1 piece, but still LP Sodh gave them only a piece per person.

Plenty of testimonial available on this piece. Protection, metta, business luck etc. Read my mum experience in my earlier sharing with wat paknum roon 4.

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