Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Somdej Pilant (Wat Rakhang) Biography


Pilant was chief abbot of Wat Rakhang in B.E 2413. Somdej Putajarn Toh was 84 years old then. Too old to serve as abbot he felt. Thus he passed over his reign to Pilant who was then already a great disciple to Somdej toh.

Somdej Toh taught him the secret method of making the 5 great holy powders, the way of making somdej just like how Sankaraj sook taught him last time. and in many occasions, Somdej pilant made his somdej with the help of Somdej toh. Together both masters chanted and joint force to make the amulets which are now very rare.

Pilant made his somdej with burn bai lan (palm leafs with written of spiritual scripts and katha) and also blended with 5 type of holy powder passed down by Somdej Toh. Thus, usually Somdej pilant is greyish in colour. and since many of them are kept in chedi for long period of time (follow path of Buddha), many of them with crack surface and stain due to the humid environment.

Many devotees vouch for Somdej pilan amulets for its super natural power, ability to increase metta, dangers avoidance and prosperity.

Various Pims Available:
1. Sumb Pra Toh (most popular and most expensive)
2. Mokkala- Saributh pim
3. Prok Poh yai, prok poh lek
4. Krob Kaew Yai, Krob Kaew lek
5. Pael Plearng Yai, Pael plearng Lej

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