Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Luang Pu Poo (LP Poo) of Wat Inn - Disciple of Somdej Puttajarn Toh (Wat Rakhang)


LP POO was born in B.E. 2373 at Tak Province. At the age of 6, he was ordained as novice ar Ta Koy Temple. Later on, he moved on to Wat inn (formerly known as Wat Bang khum prom)

He studied meditation and incantation under Somdej Putarjarn Toh of Wat rakhang. He was considered one of the most popular and favourite students of Somdej Toh. On several occasions, they went on tudong and pilgrimage to various places.

In the village, there was a story  with many eye witness of villagers that LP Pu went into a pond to take a bath due to the hot temperature. At that moment, villagers shouted at him as the pond was known with a big and fierce crocodile. The crocodile killed many people before. LP Pu ignored their warning, and went straight on. True enough, the crocodile came and instead of hurting Lp Pu, it used its jaw to rub against his body 3 times on each sides and swam away peacefully. LP Pu was chanting incantation. Villagers were shocked to witness this and from then on looked for LP Pu when they had any problem.

Why LP Pu was famous among seasoned collectors?
1. LP Pu was the most favourite student of Somdej Toh and had learned incantation directly from the master
2. Very strong psychic power and charisma, respected by many devotees.
3. His amulets contained mixture of all 5 types of sacred powder obtained from Somdej Toh (Wat Rakhang)
4. His amulets are well known for ncreasing charm, loving kindness, escaping from dangers and  prosperity.

Various Forms of amulets by LP Pu:
1. Sae Yit Khen Hark Sok (Bend Arm pim - Most popular and expensive pim)
2. Sae Yit Khen Klom (Round arms pim)
3. 8 chan khen hark sok, 8 chan khen klom
4. 7 chan mee hoo (7 bases with long ear)
5. Sam lian phra pidta (Triangle pidta)
6. Pentagonal samadith pim, sangkacai pim etc



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  1. I'm just curious???saw a Friend of mine got 1 of this somdej...can I just say there r many fake including my friends