Thursday, April 10, 2014

2539 LP Thuat Wat Changhai, Pim Taolit, Roon Sang Rong Phayaban (Building Hospital)

Through out the years, i have collected quite a number of this LP Thuat Taolit. Both pim yai, pim lek and pim phra rod.

This is one of the batch that is really worth collecting as it has gone through a big consecration ceremony. My personal favourite Wat Changhai batch after 2530.

For Wat changhai LP thuat, other than those made by Ajarn Tim (2497-2511); 2524, 2530 and 2539 are the top three batches one should collect as many as possible. And of course, due to many factors, price of these batches are on the rise.

For this batch, gold and pink gold made 299 pieces respectively, silver and thongtip made 4999 respectively and nawa made 14999. There are also special one with nawa and red holy powder, as heard, this was made less than 100. Really difficult to find now.

One thing to note, many people asked me. Why the code stamped behind is on top and some at the bottom. Only code stamp on top is real? Some say lotus in front, there is a line and the ear must be lower than the eyes than consider real.

I have seen many pieces of 2539. Some considerations when renting of 2539 LPT taolit:
1. Code can be top or bottom. Code was stamped later. It can be top or bottom. and for special committee, they even stamp a few more. I have a thong tip with 3 codes.

2. All 4 line items (behind) need to be verified to ensure real or fake.Preferably clear and sharp and accurate. This is the single most important factor.

3. Face must be correct. Compare with a real piece and remember it. The features, robe lines.



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