Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Somdej Pilant Prok poh (Deep mold)

Sharing another piece of Somdej Prok Poh made by Somdej Pilant of Wat Rakhang about 243x. This is a piece with better condition and clearer face features as compared to my previous 2 pieces.

Clear frame and unrepair. No touch up. Doo Ngai. Condition about 6.5-7/10.

For one to experience Somdej pilant, this is considered an entry piece at very affordable price. A top condition piece of deep mold can go up to 100k THB. But, it is hard to get. Even those featured in Pilant book, condition is only about 7-8/10. Refer to pictures..

As for history of Pilant and why it is very collectable, I will not elaborate more as I have described it many times in previous posts. Both my friends who are wearing Pilant can vouch for the efficacy of the Somdej. :). Most notably, career progresses much faster than expected and stronger mind to withstand adversity.


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