Saturday, June 7, 2014

Roy pee somdej wat rakhang 2515

Sharing 4 pieces of my way rakhang somdej Roy pee (100 years anniversary of somdej buddhachantoh)  made in 2515. Mixed with high amount of old wat rakhang powder.

I have shared many Roy pee in my blog, but what I have not shared are the masterpiece of my collection.

Pim khaipla. For Roy pee,  there are 17 pims n price range from 10000 thb to 60000 thb depending on Pim. Pim khaipla is one of the principle mold Whete many ppl like cause it is all hand made n not many fake in market. As usual these pieces shared are standard materials n pim. This is what I like.

Also, what makes this so unique is that they are all featured in the Roypee bible (hard cover), page 146 n 147. It has been used as standard Pim to demonstrate to ppl how Pim khaipla yai looks like n the markings available.

Rare in market to find Pim khaipla yai at this condition.


  1. Here, I need to thank a friend that has given me the Roy pee book. If not, I don't even know my roy pee were masterpiece featured in the book. Thank u bro.

  2. I have let go 4 pieces to a die-hard wat rakhang will be hard to find back a Roy pee in this condition in a long long time to come!

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