Sunday, June 8, 2014

Somdej wat rakhang 108 anniversary 2523

Time flies. I remember dad brought us to temple of wat rakhang many years ago n collected some amulets n I was just like few years old. Years later dad told me he rented some 108 n 118 from temple directly when it was launched n he also bought from dealer too. So, he got few pieces of Roy pee and 108 n 118..

Many years have passed n now these somdej are highly sought after. Especially Roy pee as it mixed with high content of old somdej toh powder n chanted by master monks of that era.

But, how many more left unnoticed in drawer or cupboard. After 1 generation, it is luck that I manage to find them. Next generation comes, I believe my son's will just think these are figurine of no value. Hai!

Showing here is 108 anniversary Pim A. The most expensive Pim of 108. Excellent top condition.

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