Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ajarn Nong , LP thuat Phim A, Roon Sang Mondok (Gold takrut), Wat Sai Kao, Nur Wahn

Sharing an original condition Ajarn Nong, LP thuat Phim A, Roon Sang Mondok, Wat Sai Khao, made around 2540/41. Qty: 779 pieces.

This piece comes with original temple box. got from Ajarn Nong long ago and put in cupboard till now. Amazingly, back of amulet grows patches of white powdery material originally not found.

Nice piece of Ajarn Nong lp thuat is pretty hard to come by and price is not cheap for his older batches.

And in my opinion, any Ajarn Nong LP Thuat, as long as made by him (<=2542) and comes with narai takrut, will appreciate in value in the long run. More so, if it is limited in qty.

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