Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mahasedtee Rein - LP Doo

Mahasedtee Rein (Rich man coin)

Who doesn't want to be rich? :) No wonder this is one of the most popular rein made by LP Doo (Wat Saket) after Phra Phrom and Pert Loke.

Sharing above is a normal pim in reasonably good condition. Still can see red skin on certain area. And jarn written by Luang Lum Dum (Disciple of Lp Doo) is visibly seen behind.

It is said that wearer will not suffer from poverty and enjoy great business success. Looks like I have to wear it myself to experience this :)

Some Stats:
Copper: made 10,000
Nawa: made 200
Takua: made 300
Silver: made 1000
Gold: <50 p="">
Copper is the cheapest among the lot. and Silver is more expensive than nawa and Takua even though it was made more than them. Price ranges from 100,000-150,000 for a silver one. and Gold needless to say, 500k thb up.


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