Saturday, June 15, 2013

Katha for LP Sri (Wat Sakae) Phra Phrom

Sharing a pretty rare Katha from LP Sri of Wat Sakae. LP Sri made 4 face Phra Phrom Stamp following his master foot step. His master , Ajarn Heng made the world most expensive Phra Prom rein costing anywhere between 300,000-700,000 THB. It is constantly ranked top ten rein in Thailand.

LP Sri learned the sacred way of making phra phrom from his master and that made his phra prom rein equally effective and powerful as commented by collectors and devotees alike.

As usual, any katha before you chant, clean your mouth, calm your mind and body, focus your mind to the rein and chant....

Katha for LP Sri Phra Phrom

Namo Tassa Bagavatto Arahato Samma Samputha Sa x 3 times
Jaturaprak ta
Ja ma Ha Phromma
Sup pa Sa Nae Ha
Pra Sit Ti Mae

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