Monday, October 1, 2012

LP Doo Amulet info (Quantity made and Jarn)

Some LP Doo Amulet information to Share:

1. Many amulets with hand written jarn issued by LP Doo of Wat saket. However, not all are handwritten by himself. So, if you observe carefully, you can see difference and authentic a LP Doo rein from the fake.

- Mahasedtee Gold is jarn by LP Doo
- Mahasedtee Copper, silver and lead and Nawa are jarn by loung lung dum
- Rein kang bua 2520 are all jarned by LP Doo
- Rein kang bua 2522 are all jarned by LP Doo
- All rein phra phrom 2522 are jarned by Lp Doo
- Rein Yan Doung gold, silver are jarned by LP Doo
- Rein Yan Doung copper has no jarn
- LP thuat, Pert loke are jarned by Ajarn Suparad

2. LP Doo Rein are all made in limited quantity. Below shows qty made of some of the more popular rein of LP Doo. This data is extracted from Wat Saket temple book.

- Phra Phrom Pasom : 10,000
- Mahasedtee copper, Yan Doung Copper : 10,000
- Pert Loke Copper LP Thuat: 10,500
- Pert Loke Silver LP thuat: 1,036
- Mahasedtee Silver: 1,000
- Rein Yan Doung Silver : 300
- Rein LP Doo Kang bua silver (rectangle): 150

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